Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Frickin Foot Flicks! (Say that three times fast)

(Hef is gunna kick some loan officer butt!)
Well heres whats up, everyone at the bank is out for the holiday, so we are quite delayed! Hef's dad will be back at work for the move and we aren't going to close until next week! GRR! Hef and I are eyeing a dutch at the spca! I like a nice dutch bunny.

And of course HOPPY NEW YEAR!!! Check out our logo, thats Hef last year on new years eve, imbibing a little.

Today Hef jumped off my shoulder and jumped about 4 feet down the hall! WHOOSH! As soon as I get my camera we will get a video I swear. He did it about three times!

Tuesday, December 30, 2008


We were supposed to close on the house today, but we did not! Some JERK at the loan office went on vacation before finishing up our mortgage so we are delayed and we don't know until when! We are waiting for the lawyer to call and tell us. They better hurry up because I am buying a lot of stuff and Hef wants to get his doe already! We are browsing the lists and checking the stores for someone nice.
On another bummer note, a lot of our bunny friends have lost some of their bunny friends, our thoughts and sympathies.

Saturday, December 27, 2008


(Hef's dreaming of does)
Hef DOES NOT have a honeybunny yet, but dad has offically said he can get one. Hopefully an ND and hopefully a SPAYED rescue. We will be looking and eyeing the SPCA website here. We do have to move first, I don't want to get a bun here then move and cause more stress. I feel like Hef's dad is Rudolph and Hef is Fireball and comes over to him and is like "LOOK! DOES!!" Does anyone remember that?
I am tempted to have one Hef litter to have baby hef's but Hef's so young himself it seems silly. Hef does have his carrots so I suppose down the road he could meet up with a doe who has her stuff but for now, no thank you, our new house isn't that big!

Friday, December 26, 2008

Breif note from THE HEF


Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Poor Beerbox Bunny

Ok Hef seriously does not travel in a beer box, but man he loves to sit in a 30 pack and relax and shred the flaps. Hef actually travels in this fancy pants Playboy Carrier. Spoiled a little I think but I did insist on Hef's dad buying it last christmas.

I am enjoying a house to myself on Christmas Eve, I have movies and books and a hot bath is coming up soon. In case I don't post tomorrow Have a Hoppy Christmas!
Hef sends virtual cuddles!

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

I'm just gunna sleep

Yeah I am tired! I feel like sleeping thru the holidays! I couldn't get to sleep and then I had to get up a few hours later because my mother insisted that I help her brush the minscule dusting of snow off her car. Zzzz! I'm pretty much packed for the BIG move. Hef plans to travel in this beer box I guess.
Yesterday I read the Nanny Diaries and I really liked it. Now I must rent the movie! Although after spying a few trailers it seems to not follow the book much, I hate THAT!!
How does one get motivated to do laundry and clean up? Hef's dad is off from work starting tomorrow until the end of the year so I really need to be 100% ready to move today! Instead I am blogging, nice peaceful blogging. For some reason it is 14 degrees outside and about 100 in the house today when it is usually freezing.
So I follow the britney spears drama and I just don't understand what the courts would do with someone like britney without britney's money. Do they have conservatorships for walmart workers? AND why does a man need 16,000 dollars a MONTH to look out for his daughter? Also why does he need office space to do that?
I need a nap.

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Learned to be prepared!

So Goldie's(Houseful of Rabbits) got feetie jammies huh? Everyone says dress for the weather, eh? Hef says why did someone have to tell my mom does he?
Ok so I am addicted to dressing up Hef. While I was packing I found this scarf and on to Hef it went. I can only show you this photo with the promise I wouldn't mail it out as my christmas card.

"So are we going sledding or what?"

Friday, December 19, 2008

Just how cool is Hef?

Hef is so cool he's frozen! We are currently getting socked with snow. Hef's dad and I ventured out to get his new tire on the car and get some wine so I don't care how much it snows. Then when we got home we found Hef's aunt's car stuck halfway in the driveway and halfway in the street. So Hef's dad is snowblowing and I took Hef out. Yup, Hef hit the snow. Not, his first time, he ventured out in a dusting last year but this is deeper. Check it out! (Turn the sound down you can hear the snowblower!)

So Baxter thats how its done! Hef is a brave little bunny, but you can tell at the end he is hopping back to his mom (I don't think he wanted me to share that). Oh I almost forgot, Hef also ate the snow! It was so funny! I bet he liked it because he likes to lick ice cubes too! Then I brought Hef inside and snuggled him up in a towel for a warmup. Hope everyone is staying warm and snuggly!

P.S. I can relate to BL I don't have a gift for my own mom yet!

P.P.S They said on the news we got 8.8 inches a record for today!

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Ham, Bunnies and Beans

Uh yeah Hef's tall, really tall. Actually Hef is a wee bit bigger then the breed standard and his ears are a wee bit tall, looks like he got rejected by the Netherland Dwarf factory for too tall ears, lol.

Isn't it a nice ham? I started off with Alton Brown's City Ham recipe (

which I planned to follow to the letter as I love Good Eats. Hef's dad thinks I have a crush on Alton Brown, not the case. Well my ham was destined to be a little diffrent since I didn't have any bourbon in the house. Then when we were grocery shopping Hef's dad practically had a fit like a child when I wanted to buy the ginger snaps for the crust. He doesn't like ginger snaps, and won't even try! So I didn't have the ginger snap crust but thats ok its still really good. It was the first ham I ever cooked. Thanks Alton!

Today I am cooking my first ever Ham & Bean soup. I'm basically following the directions on the 16 bean mix, but first I took a can of chicken stock and the ham rinds that I peeled off from the other recipe and made a stock. So far it tastes pretty good, when I serve it to Hef's dad I'll take a picture for tomorrow's post.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

This holiday needs more bunnies!

Hef has turned his back on Christmas, saying he is an Easter Bun. That this holiday does not included enough bunnies and that it makes Hef's dad and I spend too much time at the mall.
I'm making a ham today, tomorrow the details.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Pretty Teethers

Hef's dad loooovveeess to show of Hef's teeth and the super tame Hef he allows it. I think Hef should be a therapy bunny because unless he pees on your sweater he is a perfect bun, pull his ears fine (not that we do) flip him upside down ok, write a daily blog about him you got it! Do they have therapy bunnies?
On another note I was thinking since one of the Obama girls is allergic to dogs that they should get a bunny!
We are almost down with our christmas shopping but Hef's dad and I both need to get my mom something, I don't have any ideas at all and I don't want to go back to the mall. I have spent three days in highheeled boots walking around the mall I'm done. How is everyone else's shopping going?

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Ok I guess he can come back

WOO! Hef's back! He was allowed back out around 9pm after a good long timeout. Hef's dad made him sit on a towel! Well I just laughed because of course Hef just dug it up and didn't stay on it. My sweater came out of the wash safe and sound, otherwise Hef would have to go to work and I don't know what kind of work he is qualified for. AND if I can't find a job how is Hef going to find one?

From time to time we get deer in the backyard too. I've also seen a woodchuck in the summer and a bunny too! I wonder what kind of animals we will have at our new place.

On another note Hef saw that Savannah at a houseful of rabbits has a grotto and now he wants one. How do I explain that to Hef's dad? Well the room I plan to keep Hef in at the new house is attached to a bathroom, maybe he'll be satisfied with that.

Friday, December 12, 2008

Hef is so on time out!

A certian little brown and white bunny decided to pee on my really nice black sweater that I spent the last of my birthday money on! Oh yeah and he peed on his Dad's bed. So he's on time out and banned from the blog today. Instead here is a picture of a cardinal I saw in my backyard.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008


I am so ANGRY! I've taken the phone off the hook and signed of instant messanger! Here is a little background info. I have been unemployed since May when I crashed my car. I have been applying for jobs and looking for work since then but there is not much I can walk to and now it is winter and I am moving in with Hef's dad. On friday Hef's dad was off and I wanted to go to the neighborhood we will be living in and apply for jobs but Hef's dad would not. There is a coffee shop that is hiring and is literally in front of where Hef's dad works every darn day and I have asked all week for him to brign an application. He has not. Hef's dad works in an office and thats what has gotten me so mad!

His stupid ape coworkers ask about me, and it pisses me off. Why? Because what they ask is rude! All they ask is why I don't have a job. I don't know these people and they don't know me. One of his lovely coworkers kissed Hef's dad at a wedding right in front of me! I've meet these people for about ten minutes ever! However I am a source of office gossip and amusement at this place! I am so annoyed and Hef's dad just makes it worse. They asked about me today and his response was he can't control it. NOW as I pointed out above he has direct control over it as he has a car and I do not and he supposedly is willing to drive me to work everyday. AND Hef's dad goes well I told you that you cook for me! Oh well isn't that dandy? WELL I'M NOT COOKING TONIGHT!

Monday, December 8, 2008

Big Ol' Dustbunny

photos 031
Originally uploaded by thebunnylounge

1. Haha look at Dad's long hair! He had this Johnny Depp thing going on.
2. This is an old photo but I've just discovered a bunch of photos I thought I lost on Flickr and linked flickr to the bunny lounge, woo!
3. I'm sick of the cold, it was 12 yesterday, 12!

4. Hef did get a carrot yesterday and a celery stick the day before but of course he won't let me see that he liked it!

5. Can someone make a decent movie where the bunnies are actually featured? A nice movie with house bunnies, bunnywhipped was actually a bit perverted.

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Uh wheres the bunnies?

Where are the actor bunnies?
Hellooooo Bunnies?
You know what was missing in bunnywhipped? THE BUNNIES! There was like 4 minutes of bunnies. However they had two good catchphrases, "Save a bunny Save your lovelife," and "You wouldn't be lonely if you adopted a bunny" Worst of all there was a grey bunny in the movie and not the ones that looked like Gus or Hans! VERY WEIRD!
On the other hand I am making a corned beef, which I have never even tried before! Hef's dad raves of it! Seems easy enough, instructions were on the package, Boil forever, remove meat add cabbage, boil, my kind of recipe! I just saw a funny interview with Dennis Leary on Rachel Ray and he was talking about Irish people and vegetables. He was saying how they boil them to death and that his gf made steamed vegetables for his family and his sister took her husbands and her kids veggies and went into their kitchen and boiled the vegetables. I'm sure I suck at explaining it so heres the video:
P.S Of course Hef will not be having any cabbage! I'll sneek him a carrot!

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Guess what we're watching

We spotted this at the movie store and it was a dollar so we picked it up. Doesn't the bunny look like Gus at the Life and Times of Bunnies? And on the back of the case is a bunny that looks like Hans from Furrybutts so we had to get it, we're watching it now and will review it tommorrow.

Friday, December 5, 2008

Don't give a Netherland Dwarf Swiss cheese!

I ment to put this video up on tuesday, but my nephew was sick and I was babysitting. So we were having a cheese plate and we showed Hef the swiss cheese and he had a fit! "I'm not Swiss!"

Yesterday I made this red bean rice dish, it was so simple and its meat free so Bunnygirl can enjoy it too. I just used a can of red beans and the leftover white rice from chinese take out and the soy sauce, threw it all in a skillet and heated it up, kinda like fried rice with beans, my take on the cajun red beans and rice, I don't like spicy.

Monday, December 1, 2008

Know your limits!

It's Hef again! Mama did not know her limits at the bunny lounge bar last night and is sick today. Mama had tummy troubles all weekend so it might not all be that. I said to Mama, "I think you have to go to the vet and get critical care!" So Mama is laying in bed today and their won't be a picture of me because if I took a picture of myself it wouldn't turn out so good. Mama is just watching the youtubey and the regular tubey. She watched a lot of Boogies videos and now she is watching JURASSIC BUNNY!!! Or I wish, she is watching dinonotbunnysaurs part 2.
Mama says Bunnies must come from Raptor Dinos! COOL! They are always hopping around and digging and they were hiding in the grass! Oh yeah and they have big nails that mama would have to use the big clippers on!
(photo from: they had a lot of cute photos bunny drawings, i think you can order them on tshirts and such)
In other news Stinky Daddy might take some time off of work, great, thats great. I am still sorta mad at bad dad, but we did make a cool video that Mama will post when she feels better. it involves me dad and the swiss!

Sunday, November 30, 2008


Somebody send dad back to work early, he farted on my head! TWICE!

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Black Friday Deal

Hef is very excited (WOO! Big Smile) for his mom because his dad bought the best deal ever! (Excluding the bunny related things) 99% of the time I don't care about brands but oh how I love coach so check out our find, we saved 127 dollars and found them on ebay for 70 dollars more then we payed, sweet!

Friday, November 28, 2008

Belated Hoppy Thanksgiving!

Okay here was the best thing about the turkey day, because you know turkeys aren't as good as bunnies. Can you see Hef down there its a little dark. In case you missed the Energizer Bunny he spins around on wheels and stuff instead of being an up in the air float. I think this is because Bunnies like their feet on the ground. I ate so much food it was nuts but it was sooo good! We are about to head out for the deals at the mall but my guess is any super deal is gone by now because as I predicted Hef's Dad didn't get up until 10am. Oh well, time for more stuffing!
p.s We will miss houseful of rabbits while they are on hiatus but hope they have a lot of fun!

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Almost Turkey Time

I love this picture of Hef, it reminds me of when Lucy holds the football and Charlie Brown runs to it and ends up rolling over! Since I am not cooking a real turkey I cheated and made a Turkey and Stuffing Loaf that I saw on the Rachael Ray show. Oh my was it good!! I was so nervous that Hef's dad would hate it. He usually is a meat and veggies guy. However he loved it! So much so that I am bringing the leftovers to his house tonight! It'd be great for anyone having a small thanksgiving so go to and get the recipe! Its just like a big mouth of turkey and stuffing, but I would have also liked cranberry sauce. That was the little thing that was missing. Hef's dad is talking about Black Friday shoppping. The big deal would be if Hef's dad got up before 11am. Still trying to figure out how to dress Hef up for the holiday...

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Hef Speaks from atop the hay bale!

Ok so today Mom and Dad went to the Home Depot, which I assume is where they got their house and they like to visit it on the weekends for now. I mean thats when Mommy visits with me, its nice she visits the house too. So Mom said there was flooring that I couldn't damage and she told Dad it would be good for my area. Dad said "Why are you always talking about what Hef needs, Hef needs this, Hef needs that!" So you know what Mommy said? She said "Hef needs a new Dad," HA! TAKE THAT DAD!

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Here it is!

Ok so I went to Target today determined to get a holiday outfit for Hef (Of course he has a sweatshirt and a furry santa collar already but still...) and I got a penguin outfit because it had a bowtie and he's Hef so it all goes fine. Then I got it home and I couldn't figure out how the penguin part was supposed to go. Didn't work with his ears and it kinda looked like an eye mask but that didn't work either so we've decided to just go with the bowtie.

"Any does need a date for the holidays?"

(I think Hef totally has this "my mom made me wear this" look)

Ok and here is one of my favorite drinks and its fun for the holidays because it is bright red! Its an oldie, a Sloe Gin Fizz and its a weak one so sometimes I add regular Gin as well:1 oz sloe gin1 oz gin3/4 oz fresh lemon juice1 oz simple syrup3 - 4 oz soda water
Shake the gin, lemon juice and simple syrup with ice and strain into an ice-filled highball glass. Top with soda, garnish with a slice of orange and a cherry, and serve.

I am now trying to figure out how to dress Hef up as a Turkey!

A post is coming

I promise a post is coming and it will be nice and i plan to post a drink recipe and a bunny photo and I'll do it soon I swear!

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Darn it!

I have a really cute video of Hef doing a couple binkies and I was all set to write a post about how excited he was and here are his celabratory binkies, etc, but I can't figure out how to add the video from a website! Since my stupid laptop is broken I don't have a download of it either! ANNOYING! So instead we will talk about rabbit proofing as I am thinking about it in our new home. Hef doesn't like this picture, "My eyes are red, you can see a poop!" but it is the only one that shows my contribution to rabbitproofing.

Hef's dad is a super neat freak who vaccums for fun so his room is pretty much rabbit proof as it is but he has wires, boy does he have wires. So I saw in the store the ten dollars for an inch and a half plastic tubing to protect wires rip off and came to the smart conclusion that they sell tubing like this at the home depot. Oh yeah and at the home depot its like 3 dollars for 10 ft or something. Of course you have to cut a slit in it yourself but it wasn't that bad at all. My line isn't straight at all but it still works. Then its as easy as popping the tube on the wire and as Hef shows its bunsafe! For somereason it just doesn't have that same appeal to Hef and I don't think his netherland dwarf mouth can fit around it!

p.s Hef says I am a traitor for sharing this with everyone and i am going to spoil a few bunnies fun and then what are buns supposed to blog about?

Friday, November 14, 2008


OH YES! WE ARE MOVING! Pretty quickly actually. After some back and forth we have come to an agreement and everyone has signed papers so we are on our way! WOO! Heffy is getting a bedroom I promise!!! We are supposed to close before the end of the year, isn't that great? About 6 weeks to go! We are calling the street Buntryside, and its close to a beach, YAY!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Look at that yard!

Hef wanted to share the yard he hopes to hop in! It has apple trees and I believe Hef can chew the branches. We are eagerly waiting for word on if our offer is accepted! I'm so excited I asked my mother for a home depot gift card for christmas! LOL!
"Ok, champagne is on ice, they can call anytime, I'm ready!"

Monday, November 10, 2008


Does anybody remember waayyyy back when I mentioned a house? With a pink room for a bunny lounge? They really cut their asking price today and we made an offer! OH BOY! Of course we came in a little low, but even if they ask for this new asking price its ok! I'll let everyone know! Hef is rewriting the Jeffersons theme, "movin' on up, to a deluxe bedroom on the second floooorrrrr!"

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Househunting, thanksgiving, etc.

Ok we saw the coolest condo ever! It reminded me of Playboy Chicago.

"Playboy Chicago?" *hop hop hop* "Ok Mom buy it," says Hef. (I think this is actually his DR picture but it fits my story). I would love to buy this condo! However as I am a stay at home bunmom I don't get the final say. Hef's dad is all "taxes and association fees," and thats nice and all but this place is COOL! BUNNY LOUNGE COOL! Because you know what you practically walk into, a freaking bar! It also has a cool skylight that goes from the first floor to the second floor, very modern. Well with the wall papers its like 60's style modern but I could sooo change that and make it very bunny lounge! However I don't think I'm going to convince Hef's dad of this, >:(

Anywho, Thanksgiving is coming, and we may all remember my nice brined turkey breast. I'm hungry for another one, not some suck bun plain turkey. Sadly my Grandma is 82 and will not be hosting the family thanksgiving anymore. I want to cook a turkey and take it to her house and have others bring the sides, etc. Wouldn't that be nice? It's been thrown around out there and I think I will have to email everyone about it. I have a menu running thru my head already. I don't know what day thanksgiving is, I better get on this!

Saturday, November 8, 2008

We're back

See, here Hef is, he's alive

Yeah, we're back to the suck-buns weekends only posting. We did a bit of commenting last night and liked catching up on everyone. The first time I took Hef out after his playpen was gone he was poking around looking for it. Last night we went to dinner at Hyde Park, yummy! I love oysters! I had two old fashioneds and those are a strong drink! We've been drinking bunweiser lately so I guess I forgot how strong some cocktails are. We came back home and we had Hef on the bed and the boys were roughhousing and Hef lost his back feet off the bed. I have to admit it was quite funny watching him trying to cling on clawing with his paws. Then Hef ran under the bed and found his keys under there, lol! We tried to catch him under the bed and for some reason he ran out into the middle of the room and he was an easy catch from under the desk. Don't forget about the bunny lounge!

Sunday, November 2, 2008

YES! and no :(

Well Hef's dad is home! WOO HOO! Safe and sound! So this is going to be short. We got a very nice gift and cookies. On another note I broke hef's playpen today. :'( It was recalled and not safe for babies because the side can collapse, well I was leaning on it and it broke, I couldn't get the side back up. Hef's dad wasn't feeling it anyhow. Gotta go watch the new simpsons!

Saturday, November 1, 2008


(Hiya, it's Hef, I gotsta right for Mommy as she is too excited)

Somebody please clean out my play yard, change my litter pan, sweep the hay! Daddy likes evreything neat and clean so we are cleaning and I'm trying to be neat. I'll lick my foot, that'll help! Looks like all the bunners had happy halloweeners. We didn't have any treaters because we didn't have candies! Grandpa sleeps at that time anyhow, hey but so,etimes so do I.
Daddy started flying last night at 10:30 and he won't be done until 5:20pm today! I can understand, Daddy has small ears! Mommy is so excited she says she has butterflys in her stomach. Boy humans eat weird things! You know Mommy has taken me to the bunport to pick up Dad before, but she says not today! Daddy told Mommy he has a "thing" for her. Mommy says she hopes it is 2 shiny carrots. Mama better share if thats the case! Below is a picture of me and Daddy the first day I was adopted. I censored some of it, and I'm not eating my Daddy, he has hay on his chest. Isn't there a saying, it'll put hay on your chest? Daddy should do that more.

Friday, October 31, 2008

ZZZZ & Happy Halloween.

Well last night I was so tired I left Hef in his playyard over night. Before that I was watching Ugly Betty and had him on the bed. Well he just went thru the slat on the bed and hopped back into his pen. So I woke up at about 3am and thought I saw him on the bed, but he really wasn't. Then I got up to check if Hef's dad was online because it was 3pm over there. He wasn't but then I go back to bed and Hef is doing the bunny 500 on the bed and lept over the footboard and into his playyard to continue the race. We got back to sleep and when I got up Hef could not have been more excited to see me. He licked my nose but then I think my morning breath scared him away. Now I have a bunloaf in my lap.
Right now Hef is just using the play yard as a toilet, it is pretty resistent and I can wipe up the puddle. Yes he is pan trained but I couldn't find a shoe box or something to improvise and I didn't want to carry his litter pan back and forth all the time. I am told they sell plastic sheets that will really make it easier and I plan to get one of those along with a second litter box.

On to Halloween! First Hef wants to share a picture of his mom, Topper.

She is from Mavens Netherland Dwarfs. I was told when I got Heffy that his uncle was the 5th best ND in the country so we are proud of Hef's bunny roots.

Here is Hef's favorite pumpkin picture as well.


Thursday, October 30, 2008

Getting closer to Halloween!

Yes, it is almost halloween and I am excited but I don't know why. I won't be handing out candy or dressing up but its still a fun time. Hef's going to Boogies party but he said I can't come. Please don't tell him that witches are girls. Warlocks wear pointy hats too don't they?

Hef's dad is safe and cranky in Hong Kong. His flight was delayed two hours and his hotel leaves something to be desired. He got ripped off by a taxi, which I am sure isn't legitate. I am bored out of my mind. Hef continues to be adorable! I caught a new pose last night! I love this playyard. He gets to stay in there from about 1pm til around 9 or 10pm and its a lot of fun. Check out thouse bunnytocks!

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Great news from Hef's Dad!

Hef's dad and I love sushi, oh I want some right now. Hef's dad has gone out the twice for real japanese sushi! I'm jealous, so jealous! Last night he had raw beef sushi (I dunno about that) and he had horse (gunna vomit...) but he says NO ONE eats bunny! BINKIE! We are about at the halfway point of Hef's dads trip, no word of presents yet but tomorrow he is going siteseeing. I am so jealous! Below Hef's Halloween fun continues:

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

This is my house!

Hello bunnies! Check out my new pad! It is centerally located between the bed and the tv, with access to the computer desk, pretty sweet. Does always welcome!

Exscuse me play yard, not play pen

Yes I did it, I set up the "play yard". Apparently they call these things play yards not play pens. I guess they figure a pen doesn't sound nice. To me the yard sounds like prison, so does the pen. After Hef peed on a fitted sheet for the second day in a row I set it up. I'm very glad I did. At first Hef tried to jump back on the bed, but he settled in pretty quick. He has his towel and his baby keys in there two. Later on I will try to get a picture with my crappy webcam. It just dawned on me I could use that for pictures, duh! I put the bassinet in so Hef is only ten inches from the top and I can reach him from the computer chair. Hef loves it, he can taunt the dog when he comes in, he likes the swooshy noise the fabric makes and he lays down WITH HIS FEET OUT a lot! Its a rain forest theme though, we don't care for that.

Hef's dad reports that he went out for sushi and sake last night and partyed too hard. I haven't partyed at all but I am tired too. Its hard to rest in Hef's dads bed without Hef's dad. I have dated Hef's dad for a little over 4 years, but I don't really spend a lot of time with his dad and his sister isn't here much and doesn't really like me for no reason. So its a tad awkward and I'm a bit shy. 3 days down, 5 to go.

At some point I have to go to the store and make a return and get some things for my outfit when I pickup Hef's dad. However it has been rain rain rain with a big helping of COLD! I'm not going out in that. Here's another pumpkin Hef.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Am I going crazy?

I went to the Zoo yesterday, with my sister and my nephew, he is 1. The best part was a picture of a bunny. Our Zoo isn't great, its getting better. We just got this new rainforest exhibit, new otters and new sea lions. The sea lions were being inappropriate in a rabbity kind of way if you catch my dirft. I really liked the toucans. I also saw a big green anaconda! YUCK! I am terrified of snakes, but this one didn't bother me much. I always liked that anaconda movie, isn't that weird?

So am I going crazy? My Sister gave me this playpen yesterday. Its for Heffy. I started to set it up and got nervous someone would think I'm crazy and put it away. Then last night the little stiner bun started to pee on the bed and I caught him and hollered so he ran and peed! Now I have laundry to do with a strange washer and dryer. I don't feel like doing that and I didn't appreciate having to change sheets shortly before bed. Am I crazy to set up a play pen for a bunny? I think they call them play yards now btw. Hef's grandma says I need to trade my bunny in for a baby, but Hef's dad hasn't even proposed yet so I think I'll baby my bunny some more.

Sunday, October 26, 2008


Oh how I miss Hef's dad. I am used to seeing him every day. Its been over 24hours and its tough. Here I am in his room and hes not here, its weird. Stupid Tokyo is a 13 hour time difference, so as Hef's dad goes to work I go to bed. Very sad. I am bored and am just crusing the net looking at pictures of bunnies. Hef is SO on time out as he peed on the bed and I had to change the sheet. Now I have to wash the sheet! Hef's dad is in a big long meeting and not talking. I love that he is a business man with a steady job in this recession thing but I am sick of these trips!
So I am staying at Hef's dads, which if you are keeping score is his parents house really. His mom is on vacation, so its just me, Hef's grandpa and sometimes Hef's aunt. Its a tad awkward not to have Hef's dad here. I am perfectly happy just to use their internet and cable and keep to myself with my bun, but somehow I ended up making dinner, folding laundry, and doing dishes.
Anyhow, is anybun following the world series? I want tampa to win as they have a cool stingray tank in their stadium! Did anyone know there is a Houston baseball team that has a rabbit mascot, AND in Australia there is a rugby team called the Sydney Rabbitohs and they have a nice white bun as a mascot. That was our big online discovery. I want a Rabbitohs hat.
Hef's dad works in the hat industry, he does finance stuff I can never hope to understand, but for a hat company. Sometimes I get nice free hats. Pink ones, I love pink, Hef's dad does not have enough pink in his room. Its funny though Hef's dad does these long complicated spreadsheet finance math things and then he can't do basic math on the fly, like rounding off the tip at the restaurant. Weird no?
Here is a little Halloween dress up! Okay its from easter but its the best we can do with these limited resources. See my hats in the background? You can see my bunny blanket and my old license plate on the wall.
I must admit while Hef's dad is away I have been driving his car. VROOM! I haven't driven much since May when I crashed my love bug Ringo :( ALWAYS HAVE ALL THE INUSRANCE YOU CAN! I did not, no more bug no more car no more job! Hef's dads car is fun, big and expensive. I love my business man. I've been driving a tad more then I said I would, I love cruising!
Thats it for now, this may be the bunny lounge's longest post so far!

Hef's dad is A-OK

YAY! Got an email from Heffy's dad last night and he is safe and sound in his hotel in Tokyo. We got a picture of Hef from my facebook to share. Its a special one on Hef's dads workout bench. Hef says "You want me to lift what?" Hef had a wooden barbell that came with an apple treat. He ate the apple and kept the barbell for a long time, lifting it and such, but eventually it got chewed in half.
I forgot my medicine and my hairdryer at my house and have to drive like twenty minutes to get them. I am more upset about not having a hairdryer. Heffy is having a lot of fun. They have a dog here, a king charles cavalier spaniel, who will run in and jump on Hef's dads bed. Heffy will charge at him and chase him off the bed. We think he even bite him once. I took a video but it is on my camera which is in tokyo so stay tuned for that. Oh yes Hef made a cool discovery on line the other day but we'll share that tomorrow.

Saturday, October 25, 2008


Hef's dad took my camera to Japan with him, so while Hef is doing all these cute things, like the way he is looking at me right now I can not share with you. I thought I could get the pictures off my IPOD but no! I'll have to search photobucket for some old gems. I'm happy to be connected to the bun bloggers at least for the week!

Friday, October 24, 2008

Tech Support!

Great, got the new power cord but the laptop still doesn't work! GRR! Seems like the power thingie is shot, WHICH SUCKS! Hef's dad wants to get a new computer soon so I would get his old desktop. Good news for now, while Hef's dad is away I will be staying at his parents house with Hef and will have the use of his computer and camera, look forward to a week of THE HEF! Think Safety as Hef's dad flys from Buffalo to Japan and Hong Kong!

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Boxes and Book Reviews

"Man, theres nothing like relaxing in a nice box, unless someone keeps taking pictures of you!" Look at Hef's eyebrow, he's all like yeah yeah I'm alert, ok? So we finished our Hugh Hefner book and were not pleased. Its a bit redundant. They cover a period of time and talk about the magazine then they go over the same period covering Hef's personal life and a lot of things get repeated. So I returned it, it was a nice read but I won't be reading it again. I suggest getting it at the library as there are some interesting things to learn about Hef.
Computer cord is ordered and starting on thursday our Hef will be with me so we will have a TON of posts going on.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Per Furrybutts request

Here Hef is in his hated christmas sweater, it says Naughty, and if I see another one I am going to send it to Boogey. I have to do something about the sleeves, his paws get lost in there. Seems we just caught the end of his shedding he doesn't seem too bad today.