Tuesday, December 23, 2008

I'm just gunna sleep

Yeah I am tired! I feel like sleeping thru the holidays! I couldn't get to sleep and then I had to get up a few hours later because my mother insisted that I help her brush the minscule dusting of snow off her car. Zzzz! I'm pretty much packed for the BIG move. Hef plans to travel in this beer box I guess.
Yesterday I read the Nanny Diaries and I really liked it. Now I must rent the movie! Although after spying a few trailers it seems to not follow the book much, I hate THAT!!
How does one get motivated to do laundry and clean up? Hef's dad is off from work starting tomorrow until the end of the year so I really need to be 100% ready to move today! Instead I am blogging, nice peaceful blogging. For some reason it is 14 degrees outside and about 100 in the house today when it is usually freezing.
So I follow the britney spears drama and I just don't understand what the courts would do with someone like britney without britney's money. Do they have conservatorships for walmart workers? AND why does a man need 16,000 dollars a MONTH to look out for his daughter? Also why does he need office space to do that?
I need a nap.


bunnygirl said...

Hef travels in a beer box? What kind of values are you teaching that boy, anyway? Vodka is a much better value from a calories to alcohol ratio.

Rabbits' Guy said...

My goodness sakes. Savannah requires a Baileys Irish Cream box.

Hey .. maybe that guy has a bunch of rabbits to care for. That's about what it costs us here at The House Of ...!!!