Monday, December 1, 2008

Know your limits!

It's Hef again! Mama did not know her limits at the bunny lounge bar last night and is sick today. Mama had tummy troubles all weekend so it might not all be that. I said to Mama, "I think you have to go to the vet and get critical care!" So Mama is laying in bed today and their won't be a picture of me because if I took a picture of myself it wouldn't turn out so good. Mama is just watching the youtubey and the regular tubey. She watched a lot of Boogies videos and now she is watching JURASSIC BUNNY!!! Or I wish, she is watching dinonotbunnysaurs part 2.
Mama says Bunnies must come from Raptor Dinos! COOL! They are always hopping around and digging and they were hiding in the grass! Oh yeah and they have big nails that mama would have to use the big clippers on!
(photo from: they had a lot of cute photos bunny drawings, i think you can order them on tshirts and such)
In other news Stinky Daddy might take some time off of work, great, thats great. I am still sorta mad at bad dad, but we did make a cool video that Mama will post when she feels better. it involves me dad and the swiss!


Anonymous said...

Poor Mama! You should syringe-feed her so that she gets better quickly!!

Sam's mistress said...

Yeah, I have the same problem with my energy levels, and I need to learn how to NOT spend all of my precious energy all in one day!

Wao! Bunnah monshters!!!! I'm so excited! Woo!

The Bunns said...

Give Ma plenty of hay.

Life sounds pretty normal there Hef. Keep up the good reporting ...