Sunday, October 26, 2008


Oh how I miss Hef's dad. I am used to seeing him every day. Its been over 24hours and its tough. Here I am in his room and hes not here, its weird. Stupid Tokyo is a 13 hour time difference, so as Hef's dad goes to work I go to bed. Very sad. I am bored and am just crusing the net looking at pictures of bunnies. Hef is SO on time out as he peed on the bed and I had to change the sheet. Now I have to wash the sheet! Hef's dad is in a big long meeting and not talking. I love that he is a business man with a steady job in this recession thing but I am sick of these trips!
So I am staying at Hef's dads, which if you are keeping score is his parents house really. His mom is on vacation, so its just me, Hef's grandpa and sometimes Hef's aunt. Its a tad awkward not to have Hef's dad here. I am perfectly happy just to use their internet and cable and keep to myself with my bun, but somehow I ended up making dinner, folding laundry, and doing dishes.
Anyhow, is anybun following the world series? I want tampa to win as they have a cool stingray tank in their stadium! Did anyone know there is a Houston baseball team that has a rabbit mascot, AND in Australia there is a rugby team called the Sydney Rabbitohs and they have a nice white bun as a mascot. That was our big online discovery. I want a Rabbitohs hat.
Hef's dad works in the hat industry, he does finance stuff I can never hope to understand, but for a hat company. Sometimes I get nice free hats. Pink ones, I love pink, Hef's dad does not have enough pink in his room. Its funny though Hef's dad does these long complicated spreadsheet finance math things and then he can't do basic math on the fly, like rounding off the tip at the restaurant. Weird no?
Here is a little Halloween dress up! Okay its from easter but its the best we can do with these limited resources. See my hats in the background? You can see my bunny blanket and my old license plate on the wall.
I must admit while Hef's dad is away I have been driving his car. VROOM! I haven't driven much since May when I crashed my love bug Ringo :( ALWAYS HAVE ALL THE INUSRANCE YOU CAN! I did not, no more bug no more car no more job! Hef's dads car is fun, big and expensive. I love my business man. I've been driving a tad more then I said I would, I love cruising!
Thats it for now, this may be the bunny lounge's longest post so far!

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bunnygirl said...

I'm sure the week will fly by with such a cutie to pal around with. And maybe you'll end up with a cute souvenir. I hear they love rabbits in Japan and China. There's even a traditional Chinese folk tale about a woman who turned into a rabbit and lives on the moon.

I think you and Hef deserve something really cool and bunny-related from Asia.