Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Frickin Foot Flicks! (Say that three times fast)

(Hef is gunna kick some loan officer butt!)
Well heres whats up, everyone at the bank is out for the holiday, so we are quite delayed! Hef's dad will be back at work for the move and we aren't going to close until next week! GRR! Hef and I are eyeing a dutch at the spca! I like a nice dutch bunny.

And of course HOPPY NEW YEAR!!! Check out our logo, thats Hef last year on new years eve, imbibing a little.

Today Hef jumped off my shoulder and jumped about 4 feet down the hall! WHOOSH! As soon as I get my camera we will get a video I swear. He did it about three times!


Anonymous said...

A dutch! Hef likes his ladies big, eh? ;) Hee hee.. I love dutchies too! Hope she and Hef hits it off!

P/S: Happy new year to all of you!

bunnygirl said...

Dutchies are cute. So there are no Cleopatra-eyed Hotots in his future?

That's some new game he has. He's quite the adventurebun!