Friday, October 31, 2008

ZZZZ & Happy Halloween.

Well last night I was so tired I left Hef in his playyard over night. Before that I was watching Ugly Betty and had him on the bed. Well he just went thru the slat on the bed and hopped back into his pen. So I woke up at about 3am and thought I saw him on the bed, but he really wasn't. Then I got up to check if Hef's dad was online because it was 3pm over there. He wasn't but then I go back to bed and Hef is doing the bunny 500 on the bed and lept over the footboard and into his playyard to continue the race. We got back to sleep and when I got up Hef could not have been more excited to see me. He licked my nose but then I think my morning breath scared him away. Now I have a bunloaf in my lap.
Right now Hef is just using the play yard as a toilet, it is pretty resistent and I can wipe up the puddle. Yes he is pan trained but I couldn't find a shoe box or something to improvise and I didn't want to carry his litter pan back and forth all the time. I am told they sell plastic sheets that will really make it easier and I plan to get one of those along with a second litter box.

On to Halloween! First Hef wants to share a picture of his mom, Topper.

She is from Mavens Netherland Dwarfs. I was told when I got Heffy that his uncle was the 5th best ND in the country so we are proud of Hef's bunny roots.

Here is Hef's favorite pumpkin picture as well.



furrybutts said...

Hef's mum is a real pretty bunny! She looks like she has lovely blue eyes, in the photo. I can see where Hef gets his good looks from ;)

Hoppy Halloween, Hef & family!

bunnygirl said...

They make puppy training pads that may serve your purposes. They're soft on top but lined with plastic underneath.

Hef definitely gets his good looks naturally!

YowlYY said...

Love Hef's blue eyes! He is also well pee on the bed??
Happy Halloween to you :)

FrecklesandDeb said...

Hope you had a Hoppy Halloween. Looks like Hef's really enjoying that jack-o-lantern.