Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Not allowed?

Anyone run into this issue? On some of your blogs when I go to leave a comment it goes to a screen saying my account doesn't have access to comment?! I'm getting frustrated, I have comments to make, any suggestions?

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

New Job!

Well, that was fast huh? I got a new job already!
"Yes Mama your new job is to sit here with me and enjoy the weather!"
Uh, no, Hef its not, but that would be awesome! My new job is actually running a Yogen Fruz! Pretty cool! No pun intended, incase you dont know Yogen Fruz is a modern hip frozen yogurt place. I did take a minor paycut but I expected that since I just walked out on Wendy's. I'm looking forward to Yogen Fruz, especially since I will be working mostly by myself unless it is a busy time of day. Also since it is in a mall it will be closed major holidays, and its not open until midnight, woo hoo!!!

Monday, August 22, 2011

Hef has an announcement!


Yes I sure did! As I have mentioned time and time again, another manager at work kept giving me problems. Today I had a "meeting" with the other manager, our boss, and the boss's boss. Well instead of trying to discuss anything, she just denied everything, yelled at me, and the next thing I know I have my boss's boss asking me why I sometimes tell my gm I don't want to work there, I explain I get frustrated sometimes and overwhelmed since I am still learning a lot. His response is he told my boss that if I wanted to walk out he should have told me to go ahead. I said thats fine with me threw my keys on the desk and left!
It became pretty obvious in this meeting that the other manager was not going to face any discipline. Instead she turned it around on me, accused me of making every complaint I had up and screamed at me.
In other news I just got a phone call for an interview tomorrow morning.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Most awake when I should be asleep.

Here we go again, working another string of closing shifts! Just got home from the first one and I am wide awake! I just opened a bottle of Moscato, and thought I'd check in with everyone. I feel bad not blogging more, but I am always reading everyone else's blogs even if I don't comment. Nothing too exciting going on around here to blog about either.
*whisper whisper* Boys up to no good.
 The other day Shadow and I went to visit Hef's dad at work and have lunch. Here is Shadow waiting for Daddy outside of his office. Hef's dad now works in the tallest building in Buffalo NY! He is only on the 16th floor though.
"Let's hurry up and go get hot dogs!"
 In other news our garden is doing very well. I picked this lovely rose one night. I love the way it looks in the martini glass. I wonder if they make a rose scented liquor, I know elderflower is big in England. I will have to look into this. So we are all happy and healthy, but a little busy lately. Someday things will slow down again.

Friday, August 5, 2011

Garden Update

These pictures are all courtesy of Hef's Dad. I am on bed rest and can't go in the sun because of an antibiotic I am taking. Something bit myleg on Tuesday and I've had quite the reaction to it. Yesterday I left work early and went to the emergency room. The bite is infected and ha cellulitis, so I'm on the couch for the next few days. Anyway...
"It's here, just like Hef said it would be"
Hef's dad caught this rabbit theif in our old garden enjoying the wild lettuces.
 And Hef's new garden has really taken off!
 We are enjoying a lot of summer squash and cucumber. I am going to try the cucumber recipe Carmen C. posted when we collect a few more.