Saturday, January 29, 2011

Just Popping In

Here is Bandit's impression of me! I am so tired! Who could imagine sitting in a hospital chair is so exhausting! Of course I haven't been sleeping much at night either. Thank goodness I have my NookColor that Hef's dad gave me for christmas. It is my lifeline, since it has internet books and magazine it occupies a lot of my time.
 I managed to get a shot of the whole famiy about a week ago. See Hef's dad's leg and my legs? Hef is my lap and we even included the martini! Not one for over the mantel but it is what it is.

Monday, January 24, 2011

The Bunny Lounge is NOT the place to be!

So if anyone has access to a tropical island/beach retreat I could use it! For one thing it is -5 degrees outside! Which is up from -10 degrees! In other bigger shocking news, Hef's Great Grandma, my Grandma, unexpectedly passed away. On top of that now Hef's grandma, my mom, is in the hospital! So please contact me about that tropical vacation!

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Snow dogs!

"Snow dog? Uh sorry, not me,"



Thursday, January 13, 2011

The thing about chili

My dad emailed me about how he made Guy Fieri's chili. He says he doesn't cook much but wanted to try his recipe. It is not pictured below, that is my chili that I made a while ago. The thing is I got thinking about chili. Hef's dad likes to make chili, and my brother made it for christmas. Somehow chili has become one of those things every guy makes. If I make chili Hef's dad takes over. Personally I don't mind any break from cooking. It seems like chili is one of those things that guys will cook. Chili is manly! Somehow a bowl of meaty hot tomato soup has made its way up there with grilling and BBQing. My brother made his chili meat and tomatos and celery. I like mine with kidney beans as well. I have to at least have sour cream in my chili bowl to cut the heat since I am a wimp about the spices. While I started blogging this the Today Show advertised a chili recipe contest. How funny, and no, I won't be entering!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Easy Cheesy Cooking

So I've done a little bit of cooking that was worth blogging about. First up is again from America's Test Kitchen, Quesadillas. Of course quesadillas are typically just cheese but I was making these for dinner so I added leftover taco meat and black olives. It was very simple, warm up a skillet lightly toast the tortillas, fill with cheese, brush one side with oil and put in skillet, oil side down. Let it melt and get crispy, while it's cooking brushing the other side with oil. Flip and let the other side toast. Serve with sour cream, salsa, etc.
Also I made a frittata, ham and cheese this time, with leftover ham . I love frittatas because they are simple to make and can always be different depending on your fillings. I used about 8-10 eggs, scrambled with a little milk. Add to a oven safe pan, let eggs set a little, then add your fillings, shake to destribute fillings. Let set a bit more and put in the 350 degree over until lightly browned. Run under broiler if cheese on top. Enjoy!

Friday, January 7, 2011

For those of you who live in warm climates

I know for some of you snow is rare and driving in it even rarer. Be glad for that! Driving isn't something I do often, only when Hef's dad is on a business trip or if he doesn't want to go grocery shopping. Last night I had to pick up Hef's dad from a restaurant/bar because of a company dinner. When I let the dogs out before I left there was just a dusting of snow. In the time I went to get Hef's dad the rest of the snow you see here fell.
On our way back Hef's dad was making fun of me for going about 40 mph on the thruway. That is until the car in front of us fishtailed and was suddenly sideways. Thankfully, I was going SLOW and I was able to manuver around the car with out hitting it. Our car was skidding a bit too so I didn't have total control of the car. Hef's dad was telling me how to turn the wheel which helped me focus instead of just saying an expletive repeatedly. After that Hef's dad was on board with going about 25-30mph until we got home. We got home and the dogs were very happy to see us and the snow!
 On another note, this is my Grandma's house. I think its adorable. I'm posting this for the very popular (500 followers!) Shell May of The Raspbery Rabbits since she loves cottage houses. What do you think Shell? Isn't it cute? My Grandma has lived in this house since it was built in the 50's!

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Just hanging out

Not much is going on at the bunny lounge. We've been taking it easy after the holidays. We took the stockings down and the tree is at the curb but some decorations linger. I haven't been working much so I haven't been sitting at work on the computer so I haven't blogged as much. Hef's dad went back to  work on the 3rd and it has been crazy busy for him! I haven't even been cooking anything fancy lately. The dogs are happy they are getting a lot of exercise.
"Huh? I wasn't asleep!"

"Go away! I'm sleeping!"
 I love the way Shadow sleeps all curled up like a wolf in the artic. Bandit sleeps all stretched out taking up half the floor.
"Can anybody get some peace Mom?"

Monday, January 3, 2011

Puppy Presents

Shadow opens a box of rawhides all by herself!

Bandit loves her plush squealy tree!
Hef went outside without the pups!

Thanks Mom! Thanks Santa Paws!