Friday, October 31, 2008

ZZZZ & Happy Halloween.

Well last night I was so tired I left Hef in his playyard over night. Before that I was watching Ugly Betty and had him on the bed. Well he just went thru the slat on the bed and hopped back into his pen. So I woke up at about 3am and thought I saw him on the bed, but he really wasn't. Then I got up to check if Hef's dad was online because it was 3pm over there. He wasn't but then I go back to bed and Hef is doing the bunny 500 on the bed and lept over the footboard and into his playyard to continue the race. We got back to sleep and when I got up Hef could not have been more excited to see me. He licked my nose but then I think my morning breath scared him away. Now I have a bunloaf in my lap.
Right now Hef is just using the play yard as a toilet, it is pretty resistent and I can wipe up the puddle. Yes he is pan trained but I couldn't find a shoe box or something to improvise and I didn't want to carry his litter pan back and forth all the time. I am told they sell plastic sheets that will really make it easier and I plan to get one of those along with a second litter box.

On to Halloween! First Hef wants to share a picture of his mom, Topper.

She is from Mavens Netherland Dwarfs. I was told when I got Heffy that his uncle was the 5th best ND in the country so we are proud of Hef's bunny roots.

Here is Hef's favorite pumpkin picture as well.


Thursday, October 30, 2008

Getting closer to Halloween!

Yes, it is almost halloween and I am excited but I don't know why. I won't be handing out candy or dressing up but its still a fun time. Hef's going to Boogies party but he said I can't come. Please don't tell him that witches are girls. Warlocks wear pointy hats too don't they?

Hef's dad is safe and cranky in Hong Kong. His flight was delayed two hours and his hotel leaves something to be desired. He got ripped off by a taxi, which I am sure isn't legitate. I am bored out of my mind. Hef continues to be adorable! I caught a new pose last night! I love this playyard. He gets to stay in there from about 1pm til around 9 or 10pm and its a lot of fun. Check out thouse bunnytocks!

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Great news from Hef's Dad!

Hef's dad and I love sushi, oh I want some right now. Hef's dad has gone out the twice for real japanese sushi! I'm jealous, so jealous! Last night he had raw beef sushi (I dunno about that) and he had horse (gunna vomit...) but he says NO ONE eats bunny! BINKIE! We are about at the halfway point of Hef's dads trip, no word of presents yet but tomorrow he is going siteseeing. I am so jealous! Below Hef's Halloween fun continues:

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

This is my house!

Hello bunnies! Check out my new pad! It is centerally located between the bed and the tv, with access to the computer desk, pretty sweet. Does always welcome!

Exscuse me play yard, not play pen

Yes I did it, I set up the "play yard". Apparently they call these things play yards not play pens. I guess they figure a pen doesn't sound nice. To me the yard sounds like prison, so does the pen. After Hef peed on a fitted sheet for the second day in a row I set it up. I'm very glad I did. At first Hef tried to jump back on the bed, but he settled in pretty quick. He has his towel and his baby keys in there two. Later on I will try to get a picture with my crappy webcam. It just dawned on me I could use that for pictures, duh! I put the bassinet in so Hef is only ten inches from the top and I can reach him from the computer chair. Hef loves it, he can taunt the dog when he comes in, he likes the swooshy noise the fabric makes and he lays down WITH HIS FEET OUT a lot! Its a rain forest theme though, we don't care for that.

Hef's dad reports that he went out for sushi and sake last night and partyed too hard. I haven't partyed at all but I am tired too. Its hard to rest in Hef's dads bed without Hef's dad. I have dated Hef's dad for a little over 4 years, but I don't really spend a lot of time with his dad and his sister isn't here much and doesn't really like me for no reason. So its a tad awkward and I'm a bit shy. 3 days down, 5 to go.

At some point I have to go to the store and make a return and get some things for my outfit when I pickup Hef's dad. However it has been rain rain rain with a big helping of COLD! I'm not going out in that. Here's another pumpkin Hef.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Am I going crazy?

I went to the Zoo yesterday, with my sister and my nephew, he is 1. The best part was a picture of a bunny. Our Zoo isn't great, its getting better. We just got this new rainforest exhibit, new otters and new sea lions. The sea lions were being inappropriate in a rabbity kind of way if you catch my dirft. I really liked the toucans. I also saw a big green anaconda! YUCK! I am terrified of snakes, but this one didn't bother me much. I always liked that anaconda movie, isn't that weird?

So am I going crazy? My Sister gave me this playpen yesterday. Its for Heffy. I started to set it up and got nervous someone would think I'm crazy and put it away. Then last night the little stiner bun started to pee on the bed and I caught him and hollered so he ran and peed! Now I have laundry to do with a strange washer and dryer. I don't feel like doing that and I didn't appreciate having to change sheets shortly before bed. Am I crazy to set up a play pen for a bunny? I think they call them play yards now btw. Hef's grandma says I need to trade my bunny in for a baby, but Hef's dad hasn't even proposed yet so I think I'll baby my bunny some more.

Sunday, October 26, 2008


Oh how I miss Hef's dad. I am used to seeing him every day. Its been over 24hours and its tough. Here I am in his room and hes not here, its weird. Stupid Tokyo is a 13 hour time difference, so as Hef's dad goes to work I go to bed. Very sad. I am bored and am just crusing the net looking at pictures of bunnies. Hef is SO on time out as he peed on the bed and I had to change the sheet. Now I have to wash the sheet! Hef's dad is in a big long meeting and not talking. I love that he is a business man with a steady job in this recession thing but I am sick of these trips!
So I am staying at Hef's dads, which if you are keeping score is his parents house really. His mom is on vacation, so its just me, Hef's grandpa and sometimes Hef's aunt. Its a tad awkward not to have Hef's dad here. I am perfectly happy just to use their internet and cable and keep to myself with my bun, but somehow I ended up making dinner, folding laundry, and doing dishes.
Anyhow, is anybun following the world series? I want tampa to win as they have a cool stingray tank in their stadium! Did anyone know there is a Houston baseball team that has a rabbit mascot, AND in Australia there is a rugby team called the Sydney Rabbitohs and they have a nice white bun as a mascot. That was our big online discovery. I want a Rabbitohs hat.
Hef's dad works in the hat industry, he does finance stuff I can never hope to understand, but for a hat company. Sometimes I get nice free hats. Pink ones, I love pink, Hef's dad does not have enough pink in his room. Its funny though Hef's dad does these long complicated spreadsheet finance math things and then he can't do basic math on the fly, like rounding off the tip at the restaurant. Weird no?
Here is a little Halloween dress up! Okay its from easter but its the best we can do with these limited resources. See my hats in the background? You can see my bunny blanket and my old license plate on the wall.
I must admit while Hef's dad is away I have been driving his car. VROOM! I haven't driven much since May when I crashed my love bug Ringo :( ALWAYS HAVE ALL THE INUSRANCE YOU CAN! I did not, no more bug no more car no more job! Hef's dads car is fun, big and expensive. I love my business man. I've been driving a tad more then I said I would, I love cruising!
Thats it for now, this may be the bunny lounge's longest post so far!

Hef's dad is A-OK

YAY! Got an email from Heffy's dad last night and he is safe and sound in his hotel in Tokyo. We got a picture of Hef from my facebook to share. Its a special one on Hef's dads workout bench. Hef says "You want me to lift what?" Hef had a wooden barbell that came with an apple treat. He ate the apple and kept the barbell for a long time, lifting it and such, but eventually it got chewed in half.
I forgot my medicine and my hairdryer at my house and have to drive like twenty minutes to get them. I am more upset about not having a hairdryer. Heffy is having a lot of fun. They have a dog here, a king charles cavalier spaniel, who will run in and jump on Hef's dads bed. Heffy will charge at him and chase him off the bed. We think he even bite him once. I took a video but it is on my camera which is in tokyo so stay tuned for that. Oh yes Hef made a cool discovery on line the other day but we'll share that tomorrow.

Saturday, October 25, 2008


Hef's dad took my camera to Japan with him, so while Hef is doing all these cute things, like the way he is looking at me right now I can not share with you. I thought I could get the pictures off my IPOD but no! I'll have to search photobucket for some old gems. I'm happy to be connected to the bun bloggers at least for the week!

Friday, October 24, 2008

Tech Support!

Great, got the new power cord but the laptop still doesn't work! GRR! Seems like the power thingie is shot, WHICH SUCKS! Hef's dad wants to get a new computer soon so I would get his old desktop. Good news for now, while Hef's dad is away I will be staying at his parents house with Hef and will have the use of his computer and camera, look forward to a week of THE HEF! Think Safety as Hef's dad flys from Buffalo to Japan and Hong Kong!

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Boxes and Book Reviews

"Man, theres nothing like relaxing in a nice box, unless someone keeps taking pictures of you!" Look at Hef's eyebrow, he's all like yeah yeah I'm alert, ok? So we finished our Hugh Hefner book and were not pleased. Its a bit redundant. They cover a period of time and talk about the magazine then they go over the same period covering Hef's personal life and a lot of things get repeated. So I returned it, it was a nice read but I won't be reading it again. I suggest getting it at the library as there are some interesting things to learn about Hef.
Computer cord is ordered and starting on thursday our Hef will be with me so we will have a TON of posts going on.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Per Furrybutts request

Here Hef is in his hated christmas sweater, it says Naughty, and if I see another one I am going to send it to Boogey. I have to do something about the sleeves, his paws get lost in there. Seems we just caught the end of his shedding he doesn't seem too bad today.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Look what we got!

Hef and I whole heartdly endorse this product! We just got it yesterday and I am proud to say Hef only took one bite and has been chinning it and putting his paws on it. He laid down next to me while I read it and put his paws out. We're about 60 some pages in and they just published the second issue of Playboy. We encourage people to check it out and see its about more then naked ladies and that Hef helped change America and how we see things, including sex.
Of course we are also kind of sad because Hef has lost two of his girlfriends this week, but they are still living at the mansion? I dunno its weird. I don't like the look of these new girls Apparently they have a bit of a legal background and Hef doesn't need that.
My new laptop cord should be ordered Thursday, as soon as I get it daily updates will return.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Got Lucky!

My mother, Hef's grandma left her laptop on this morning and left for work! We have quickly taken over to bring you the bunny lounge! It has been confirmed, Hef's daddy, is leaving on the 25th for a week to go to Tokyo and Hong Kong. Bright side? Hef is staying with me! WOO! A friend is working on getting me a power cord for my laptop. He bought one for my birthday but it broke quickly so he had to get a refund and it was some online thing, but I should have one soon. Here is an old picture of Hef with a Chicken Bacon Ranch Salad from McD's. He didn't eat it of course, I took some greens out before hand for him. Also in the picture is Hef's dads hand. Heres a funny story from this weekend. We had Hef's Bunweiser box out on the bed again. I took him to the bathroom and trimmed his nails. When Hef's dad picked up Hef to check his feet he fussed. So Hef's dad set him down and he flew into the bunweiser box and flew right off the bed in the box! It landed on the floor and Hef went under the bed. LOL, the weekend I leave my camera home!

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Stupid freaking cord

My laptop battery died friday afternoon and isn't starting up or rechargins. I am looking to get another one or a replacement tip because thats the problem. Until then I am resigned to Hef's dads computer on the weekend. He doesn't have pictures of Hef either. So I might not post again until next weekend. Hans over at furrybutts is in our thoughts. Hef will be serving a special Hanstini to raise bunny money...

Friday, October 3, 2008

Talking Turkey.

Oh my goodness everybun, you must when making your turkey, brine it first. I made a turkey last night and this is not grandmas pour on the gravy turkey. Even Hef's dad loved it and he is mister picky. Tonight we are going out for Hef's grandma's (my mothers birthday) she is a twin, so its a double party. We are going to dinner and to bingo. I haven't gone to bingo in years. Hef refuses to go to bingo, he will not get dabber on his nice white paws and risk a bath.
Aww, nice white paws and a bowtie, what a handsome man. I want to thank everyone for their concern with my tainted candy. Hef's dad thinks I will be fine and I feel fine, but you never know. There haven't been any reported illnesses yet so thats good. Rabbits Guy was so sympatheic, let us know if you die..... Oh I feel the concern. I had a funny Hef story and I can't remember it.
Sadly I think the house I shared is out of the running. However we have three new prospects! We are going to see at least two of them tomorrow. Hef's Dad is really interested in one of them, ooooh I am ready to move, Hef says "Hop to it". Speaking of Hef's Dad he is sad because he is most likely going to be out of town for Halloween. I think Halloween in Japan would be AMAZING but he doesn't get it. I was a Bunny last year so I see why he doesn't want to go.

Thursday, October 2, 2008


I am unhappy today, really unhappy! I'm also a tad nervous! I go onto Yahoo's website today to check out the headlines and guess what?
What's the big deal? Well about a month ago on my trip to NYC, we went to chinatown and with my bunny love I bought this white rabbit candy. See there it is! RIGHT THERE! AND I ATE IT! I ate 6 freaking pieces of it! It was tasty but too hard to chew. Now I'm a bit nervous! AND PISSED! And I think someone should know that they are selling this in china town in NYC but who the H do I tell? How much of this stuff do I have to eat to get sick? Sadly I am reluctant to try new things and foods now, a hobby of mine. I am not happy, How dare they associate a nice white bun with this dangerous candy! Oh I'm pissed!
P.S All my potatoes turned out really good, but I would recommend saving the glaze for carrots or sweet potatoes.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Fun with Potatoes

Let's Eat!

If anyone saw my post this morning I decided to change it. I didn't really want to use my blog for that. Instead I found something fun to do today. It all started with out fridge being too crowded for a sack of potatoes and me being hungry. Cooking is something I love, trying something new, making something new, its almost as much fun as mixing cocktails. So I decided to make mashed potatoes and I started cubing the potatoes. Then it became obvious that I had way too many potatoes just to make mashed potatoes. Now I am also making two kinds of oven fries.
I tried to make the mashed potatoes with chicken broth like they say on the swanson commercials. I used two boullion cubes. It didn't work :( I tried one of the potatoes, they are yellowy but they don't taste and better. I think I needed more cubes of boullion, I will try again.
With my extra I am making glazed fries with a brown sugar glaze. Its something I usually do on carrots and Hef's dad loves it. I know this would work on Sweet Potato Fries but I am trying it on regular potatoes. Here is my glaze recipe.On the other potatoes (oh my goodness do they smell good) I did a tablespoon each of Montreal Steak Seasoning (by McCormack, I use this in everything, stew, burgers, meatloaf...) Roasted Garlic and Herb also by McCormack, and 1/2 tablespoon of garlic powder. They smell so good already. I am cooking both at 450 for 30 minutes, still 10 minutes to go so I'll let everyone know.