Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Of Easter Past

So Deb made it seem like she took Freckles to her blog convention. It reminded me of when I took Hef to easter brunch. Every year my grandmother takes everyone out to Easter brunch. (Well this year I hope to have a house in which to host it...) Last year was Hef's first easter. So I decided he shouldn't sit home in his cage all alone. I emailed the reception hall and they said he was welcome as long as he stayed in his carrier, as you see here. It was a lot of fun, some kids came over and pet him. Hef also got a lot of salad from the buffet and a few fruits. It was so much fun. Next year Hef wants to host the easter brunch right here at the bunny lounge. He is the only bun in the family and demands he be given the bunny holiday to be a host. Also I like to cook a lot and go all out for holidays so I'm with him.

Monday, September 29, 2008

Hef shares his adventures as a house bunny!

Ok last week I got to try out being a house bunny. I loved it! So much time with Mommy and a lot to explore!
This is Mommy's bed, she likes pink a lot but Mommy's a girl so its okay. I like Mommy's bed a lot, and sometimes I hide under the covers but a lot of times Mommy will take the sheets off because I do have my carrots and sometimes spray the bed. I admit it, see Mom, I told them! Mommy said I had to share ALL the details about being a house bunny or I couldn't blog. In the rest of the house I use my pan or a shoe box but I have a pillow and sheet weakness.

Here I am on Mommy's desk. Isn't it cool? I have to look over the bunny blogs of course.

I also like to cozy up under the shelf, while Mommy does the human computer stuff, just in case there is bunny news.

And this is the cool plant Grandma has in the living room. Its tasty and if you eat from the top its even tastier and its green.

Now DAD needs to buy a HOUSE for me to be the house bunny in. I'm ready!

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Hef tells you about his recovery

Yup, I'm recovered. Mom says I am at 95%, but shes a mom and she worries. I'm at 100% and ready to binkie! My paw sure hurt all week, but I got to spend all week on mommy's bed, nice and soft but she took away the blankets, and sleep and get spoiled. I'm gunna watch football with my dad while my tries to convince him to buy this cake mold. Also I m going to show my Dad bunny tunes, he makes up bunny tunes a lot. TTYL Buns!

Friday, September 26, 2008

Bed Rest

Well I talked to the vet, she thought maybe Hef had ripped toe nail, he had not. We checked much to his unhappiness. So the vet said to watch him for a few days and see what happens. Hef is on bed rest in the sense that he is on my bed or the carpet or the couch all day. We decided to keep him off hard surfaces as much as possible. He has really been enjoying it but last night he jumped on the couch and fell down the back of it. He hopped up again later and almost fell off again so now the couch is off limits. Hef's dad says I am babying him and I said hes a baby bun its what you do. Most of the time he seems to be improving but he did fall off the couch and had a spill in the bathroom. We'll watch over the weekend and make a decision about the vet then.
Hef likes to sleep in his carrier on my bed, I don't get it but hes resting so its all good.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Hefs poor little pawsy

You can't really tell from this photo, but Hef has injured his right front paw. Its not cut and I don't think it is broken. He won't let me touch his toes though. He holds it up when he walks and barely puts it to the ground. Currently we are waiting for the rabbit vet to call us back.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

"I could be a house bun"

So Hef is kinda on a test run of being a house bunny. I think he could do it. He is keeping to his pan, and seems to have slept fine overnight. It was a lot of fun to have him here. I don't think I want to always give him run of the house but he will have a bedroom. I'm very proud of my smart little bun. The picture I am sharing today is Hef outside over the weekend. He insisted on going past the gate. He ran into the middle of the yard and just looked around, very cute! He loves being inside the gate too. There is a bit of grass growing and he loves to sit and eat. He had a disapproving look most of the time though, there was a kids party next door. No kids in the bunny lounge!

Monday, September 22, 2008


Well there is so much excitement at The Bunny Lounge we are trying hard not to binky and write our blog.
First Hef got a cool (empty) box of Bunweiser from his dad on Saturday! He loves it, I made Hef's dad keep it in his room so Hef can play again. We started calling it his Bundominium, lol. Then on Sunday we went to an open house that was kind of dumpy, bummer! Oh but wait, Hef's dad had a backup plan. Right around the corner was another house. Hef's dad asked the realtor if she could show us that after the open house was over. She did and Hef's dad LOVED IT! So do I!
It has a pink bedroom with hardwood floors. Guess what that is going to be? THE BUNNY LOUNGE! Hef's going to have his own room and maybe a girlfriend? I'm so excited. Look at it, its so cute! AND joy of joys, its by the beach, love the beach, maybe I'll get married on that beach! I have been in such a good mood today its lovely and I got so excited about the house I forgot the other awesome news! HEF IS HERE! He is staying with me until Thursday because my mom is out of town! He's currently behind the couch but I saw him relaxing in the bathroom. I made a beautiful roast today as well as clean my room and do laundry. We are supposed to go back to look again on Sunday

Friday, September 19, 2008

After birthday fun

I wish I had a good printer because I want to play sticky buns too! Oh well, I'll try and make a few logos. Here's one I did I didn't really have much of idea so I was just fooling around. I think I am really good at combining pictures and removing backgrounds so maybe if someone has an idea I can make it.
Last night was fun, it wasn't that different from every other night which I like. I made a chili pierogi casserole which I liked but Hef's dad did not. My mom gave me a bunny sucker, I had already spent the money on our trip to NYC on a Steiff bunny.
Pretty cute, and the closest they had to Hef.
Hef's dad gave me a cute card and a jar of my favorite pickles! I had a lot of my birthday early this year but tonight we are going out to dinner, then I get to see Hef, I wonder what he got his mom for her birthday!

Thursday, September 18, 2008

So much happening today

First off Hef wants to take over the blog to say "HAPPY 23rd BIRTHDAY MOMMY!" Next I want to say go check out www.dailybunny.com because Hef is on there today! I sugggest checking it out everyday anyhow, but especially today! Now, back to our blog mystery from yesterday.
When Hef's dad took Hef out of his cage to run around while Hef's dad cleaned up some hay what did Heffy do that surprised his daddy so much?
Hef actually jumped right back into his cage. How silly! So Hef's dad took him out again and he hopped right back in! I've seen Hef jump back onto the couch before but why jump back in the cage? I guess it was Hef's bedtime, lol. Well I've got lots of partying to do today, we are passing out free carrot cake with a drink purchase a
s a birthday special.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Guessing Game

What fun this morning. Hef's dad was telling me he went and fed Hef last night before bed and hadn't gotten to tell me about it. So this morning on AIM he told me Hef did something special when Hef's dad took him out of the cage. I asked what but Hef's dad made me guess. All he told me was that he had taken Hef out of the cage and set him on the floor while he cleaned up stray hay. Here are my guesses that weren't right: bit your foot, peed, ran away, made a cake, wrote a short poem, ate his poop, help clean up hay, binky, do bunny 500s, and stand up. I finally guessed but Hef wants to see if his bunny friends can too!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008


Currently at the bunny lounge we are at the mercy and the whim of my laptop power cord. Sometimes when it lays certain ways it works or if its on certain surfaces. I am waiting for some birthday money to obtain a new one because I am addicted to my bunny blog and all the things I do on here. I SURRENDER!

Monday, September 15, 2008

What the heck Firefox?

Ok guys, whats going on over there at firefox? HELLO? I saw there was an update on Yahoo and so I downloaded expecting some neat new things but instead I can't use firefox at all! I am very annoyed! I lost all my saved passwords and links and I don't like it at all! I haven't used IE since it started freezing up all the time. Now I updated to IE 8 and its working fine but I can't get my passwords or favorites back. Hef and I send a big foot thump in the direction of firefox!
Anyhow, it was hot hot hot this weekend! Very humid and that made my hair very frizzy :( I had a very nice time at Andersons, they had pumpkin custard, it was like creamy pie filling. On Sunday Hef's dad mowed the lawn while Hef and I played by the pool. Hef was a very good bunny and helped trim the weeds inside the gates. We didn't swim but I put my feet in and it was cold!
On another very exciting note we are looking at apartments! Of course none of the show models seem open on the weekends! Hef's dad wants a garage, has to have a garage, I want a pool and a fitness room. I saw an ad for one that even had a tanning bed, well now your talking! Unfortunatly it seems that is a students only place. Not fair!
I want to make something different for dinner tonight. Its usually a porkchop or a chicken breast with a side, occasionally a roast. I'll have to see what's on sale this week.

Friday, September 12, 2008

Think Bunny

I think thats enough of a message for a blog, but I do have more to say. This weekend is going to be different then the usual weekend. Usually I go to Hef's dads' and play with him and Hef, but this weekend it is almost my birthday! So tomorrow I am going to miniature golf (if the weather allows) and lunch at Anderson's. They are a very good roast beef place with very good pickles. I enjoy pickles like some people enjoy wines. Has to be crunchy and flavorful, oh yeah and not neon yellow. This is the bad pickle the evil string vinegar pickle. EVIL! I take my pickles seriously and Hef's dad will ask me at restaraunts if they have a good pickle or a bad pickle. My favorite home pickle is claussen's. They are special pickles, must be kept in the fridge pickles. Seriously they mean it. Hef's grandma took them out once and they got mushy, thats points off! There is nothing like Anderson's roast beef with cheese sauce some fries with vinegar and a pickle! They have the cutes paper pouches with a picture of a pickle with a hat and a sweater on it and it says cool cuke, thats because real pickles are cold and not cooked!
I also enjoy the Pickle potato chips, I had fried pickles long ago and did not like them. I hope to try the pickle pringles soon. OK I got sidetracked there, oh well. I wonder if we have any pickles...

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Another video of Hef

I took a few videos of Hef in case I really missed him and his antics. Just before we left i gave him these new keys to play with. This is also my easy way of blogging as my hand heals. Its better I can have it out of water now, last night I couldn't have it out without crying. I slept on the couch with my hand in ice water. Not fun, but today I can use my hand if I must.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Hef cleaning

Hey guys, burnt my hand making dinner tonight, had water boil over and douse my hand so I hope everyone likes this video. I'll be soaking my hand in a bucket of cold water.

Monday, September 8, 2008

Finally Rested

We came back from New York on Saturday and took Sunday to rest so forgive my blogging delay. We did so much that first day our feet were sore the rest of the trip :( It was a very nice trip though, I loved it.
It was so nice to see Hef on Saturday and we took his cage tray and litter pan outside and really scrubbed them down and hosed them off. I use only a pet cage cleaner and then Hef's dad's mom came out and put dish soap on it >:( When I put Hef back he was tiptoeing on the floor and sniffing the bedding, so cute!
Hef's dad must have loved New York too because he really wants to find a downtown loft now, good news for the whole bunny lounge.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Bunnies in NYC

I'm tired so I can't say much, we have been doing so much and seeing so much and I am happy to say there are a lot of bunnies in manhattan so heres a bunch of bunny sites I saw so far
Bunny taffy YUM YUM White Rabbit Taffy from Chinatown, the white is cream flavored and the red was red bean flavored which i liked but Hef's dad did notOk, not a site to see but I have never see these at home and I love Annie's bun shaped stuff, they are good!
The White Rabbit in Central Park
Killer Rabbit of Spamalot

Monday, September 1, 2008

The bunny lounge is in NYC

We did it we made it, I'm going to sleep! No, I'll blog first. We left this morning instead of Sunday, oh well. We took a megabus.com bus, nice bus good price, was about 25 minutes late, but oh well it happens. This photo is Hef's dad waiting at the bus stop. So then we got to NYC and took the subway to the Staten Island Ferry then we took a cool taxi to our hotel. Now the restraunts are closed due to the holiday and I am hungry!
I saw an ad for this http://www.18rabbits.com/ BUNNY GRANOLA BAR and I want one but they didn't actually have them at this hotel. I am on a mission to have a bunny photo every day from my trip!
Here is a pic of the statue of liberty I took from the ferry, looks good small, but the big pic is blurry. I don't have a bunny photo today but I am going to add one to the post before so hopefully that counts. I only know of one rabbit photo op, the White Rabbit from Alice in Wonderland statue in central park, but i'll find more I promise bunnys!