Thursday, April 30, 2009

Back to blogging

"Ma, you gotta blog now, go inside."

Forgive our absence, we rented movies from the library and slacked off and now they are due today and we had to spend yesterday and the day before watching them! I saw Gone with the Wind for the first time and it was very good! I also watched Penelope, and I was surprised that it was good too. At first I was worried it was going to be one of those movies that tries to be funny but isn't but instead it was a good story. This afternoon we are watching Sweeney Todd Demon Barber of Fleet Street, which I have seen and is very good. My sister and I saw it at the theater and took my nephew when he was an itty bitty who slept through it. It was his first movie. I think he was two months old. Also we are going to watch the new X-Files movie.

So we tried to start our garden but little ol' hef's mom isn't strong enough to dig up a garden. I dug up two spikey plants but thats it. Oh well thats what Hef's dad is for.
Right now Im watching Rachel Ray and her guest is Kim Kardashin. WHAT THE HECK is this woman famous for?

Monday, April 27, 2009

Garden Time

YES! Iam finally going to do it! Its time to till the soil and plant my seeds! I will take plenty of pictures and share them tommorrow. I'm going to head to the garden now but I wanted to share a story that happened before we had internet here. Its ment to cheer up Rabbit's Guy.
This happened on oh March 15th I believe. Hef's dad decided he could trim Shadow's nails, despite his extreme lack of experience and Shadow being a black dog has black nails. Now I trim Hef's nails and do a fine job of it. Hef's dad tried to trim Hef's nails once and got the quick so I am very against this idea to trim Shadows. Hef's dad decided to ignore me and went at it anyway. Well the second nail in he cuts the quick. It was about 8 o clock at night on a Sunday. We had no kwikstop so Hef's dad is pressing papertowels to her paw and I am sent to the corner store. Of course they do not have kwikstop or a styptic pencil (why have those gone out of fashion?) so I buy gauze and cotton balls. I also got a dog toy and ice cream but no treat for Hef's dad. Back at Buntryside the gauze does not work and seems to make the bleeding worse. We call the vet they basically say let her bleed it out if we don't have kwikstop. So I am sent back out to the grocery store further up the island. They don't have anything better. Its about 10pm now. I go back home. Hef's dad is saying we need the kwikstop. Of course the only place I can think of to get it is Wal-Mart because they are open 24/7 but they are also a half hour drive. I refused to leave the island this late. We had to shut poor Shadow in the bathroom all night (It wasn't that cruel it was the big grotto jack&jill bath). She had an accident in there and fussed all night. She healed overnight but my goodness neither one of us is ever trimming her nails again.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Let me tell you about our backyard!

It very early Sunday morning, 7:46am exatcably. For some reason I always wake up early on Sundays. Its very nice, Shadow sleeps in the hall, Hef cleans himself in his bunny lounge and its quiet. I think the nicest part is Hef's dad won't be up for hours so I can do as I please but still have the nice comfort of knowing he is home. Hef and I started the post below yesterday after our outdoor adventure that had to sub for the picnic but our computer shut off (which it does from time to time for the fun of it) so we are trying again. Take it away Hef.

Let me tell everybun about our backyard. I was going to tell everybun about a cool park but Daddy was sick, and a tad grumpy too. He didn't want to hear about my outside adventure at all! To start here I am checking our grass, I look very small because our yard is very big!
Right past the grass start is this cool tree that I tottally half pushed over. Its a good nom as well. Mommy doesn't know what kind of tree it is. She said "Its the one that isn't an apple tree," So moving on...
This is our neighbors fence. I was very interested in it. Momma said "I don't know their last name but its not McGregor so stay out,"

I thought maybe they would have a Veggie garden anyhow, and I would just sneek a peek. Momma asid, "Even if they did have a garden there wouldn't be much to nom since growing season only really started last weekend." I'll come back in a few weeks then. (Hef's mom says: we can see their yard when we are upstairs. They don't have a vegetable garden, they have a snotty little pug they let go on our yard.)

For reasons I never intend to share with my mother I groom extensively when I am outside. I didn't think we need to share that but Mommy liked my raised paw action shoot. America's Next Top Bun Model right here!
Then I came back to my cage to chill on a cool ceramic tile. Today it is cloudy and foggy so if anybun has good weather go out and do a binky on our behalf!

Friday, April 24, 2009


Thanks whoever or whatever is responsible for this goregous day! I tanned! For an hour and a half. Oh it was lovely. Thinks are unfortunately iffy about our picnic because Hef's dad may have caught the virus I had. And we just heard about the loss in poor Boogeys family. Hef is doing a lot of praying for everyone.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Cloudy Day Blues

I think this weather is getting to Hef. Me too! However tomorrow it is supposed to be in the 70s and stay there for a good long while! Saturday we are going picnicing at Devil's Hole park right by Niagara Falls so cheer up Heffy Bun!

Thanks to those of you who fought through our techincal difficulties. How Hef can get two humans to redo a bathroom but can't get his blogs right I don't know.

Today I am going to do something very exciting. I have decided to be a local dog walker to make some money and today am putting flyers in mailboxes to advertise. I hope to get 3-4 dogs. There are a lot of dogs in our neighborhood that I NEVER see getting walked but I hear barking at me and Shadow. I love walking Shadow so this should be fun!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009


So we made a post a while ago and didn't post it because we needed another photo and for some reason blogger posted it on April 8th, so if your interested in scrolling back check it out.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Actually healed!

Yes! I am actually feeling better. I even hope to walk the dog today even though it is wet outside yuck! I have really missed walking the dog and felt very guilty about not taking her out more. Of course I am not better thanks to the Pepto people because Pepto did nothing whatsoever except make me sicker. Immodium however had me on the mend very quickly and I am just sad it wasn't bought earlier. Throughout this ordeal I lost 6lbs, which was pretty much where I wanted to be so that is quite the nice bright side. Beforehand I had plateaud as many dieters do.

Hef the Bun is happily enjoying his daily Bunny 16 meal and is still gloating about his stealth pee he had on my blankets on Saturday. I noticed a lot of people feed their buns in the morning and in the night but Hef has always had free access to food and remaind svelte, lucky little bun, no diet for him!

Shadow of course is a food lover, she even eats Hef's hay and tries to get at his Bunny 16, a very dangerous idea on her part. We feed her once a day with a few biscuits here and there. They make such cute dog biscuits and treats! She also loves rawhide, but doesn't like plastic bones or squeaky toys, very weird. She doesn't really fetch either but will get her rawhide a few times then gives up.

Friday, April 17, 2009

Good Noms & Bad Noms

First, did anyone else see the new vitiman water 10 commerical? All these animals work in an office for mother nature. In one a rabbits like I need time off Charlene is about to have babies. Then mother nature says isn't this the 38th time this year? And aren't you two split up? TeeHee it was funny! There was another funny one were three prairie dogs were on a desk and a coyote was behind them and they are talking office stuff and cutting back and forth between mother nature and the prairie dogs and the coyote eats one and then the second one and the third prairie dog goes "Can we order some take out first?" And mother nature looks over and is like "oh! yeah we can do that." its funny!

Here are the good noms we are growing, Cilantro and Green Pepper. We also had tomato but it got too big for the container so I transplanted them to a big pot. After that Hef's dad decided he would put them outside ALL DAY. IN DIRECT SUN. So we don't have any tomaters anymo'. These are bad noms! We are embrassed that bunnies are on the package. Hef's dad and I love many Japanese and Asian foods. I am also a sucker for the cute Anime packages. So when I spotted these snacks I had to have them. So Cute.Of course when I got them home I noticed that they are milk and egg flavored, which in america translates to chalky and floury puffs that make you want a glass of water. On the other hand if you enlarge this pic below they do have an adorable variety of bunny characters.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

On the road again...

We've been doing a lot of napping lately.
I am feeling back on my way to health today. I cleaned out our kitchen cabinets which in a few short months became very messy. I worked up a sweat and our heat is only on 66! I still lack an appetite but have grabbed a potato chip here and there.
The other day we stopped at the library (I <3>I used to write a lot in high school, but whats tough now is we only have a desktop and so its not like I can write down thoughts right away, but my laptop is at the laptop doctor and hopefully will be home soon. In high school I always had tons of paper and wrote during classes and any other chance I could get.
In other news I trying to convince Hef's dad to enter Today's Wedding on the Today Show. Hef's dad has really said that its a financial issue and thats why we haven't gotten married. Hef's dad has done a lot for all of us and I really want to enter him in some contest for a big cool prize. I'm also keeping my eye out for some sort of kitchen makeover because he really wants that too! So if you see us on Today's Wedding VOTE VOTE VOTE!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Easter Part 2

Sorry about the delay, the bunny lounge had been taken over by a stomach virus! On with Easter!
Right on the front door we had a bunny welcome!

Hef's dad always gets mad that every holiday there is something on the banister, I think that makes it more fun!

Here's how our Heffy cake started, more about those other rabbity noms tomorrow.

Hef modeled very nicely for his cake, he is available for hire! It was tough doing Hef's cake since Hef's dad was installing a new kitchen chandelier at the same time, so we had a lamp up on the fridge.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter Party Part 1

So heres a first part peek into our easter party that I am doing quickly as we have more guests on the way!
We made a traditional easter bunny cake from the trimmings of the Hef cake (unvieled tommorrow in part 2). Here are some of our cookes, Purple Bun lost an ear :( and we have birthday cookies for Mr. Hugh Hefner (Happy 83rd! and for my sister)
And we each had an egg cookie

Here is our tabllescape w/ bunnyspread

Some decor

Check it out we put bun ears on the tv

Easter basket!

HAPPY EASTER details tomorrow!

Friday, April 10, 2009

Easters a-comin!

Yeah we got our eggs ready, I'll take more pics on easter because I didn't realize the flap covers 1/2 our eggs. We also made bunny spread today, which is cream cheese with carrots and celery and olives and scallions. Tommorrow we are making cookies and cake and decorating. Gottakeep on hoppin!

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Bad Animals

Hef will not be posting today since his bunny kicks that were directed at Shadow instead scrapped up my hand and bit my arm for some reason.

Instead we bring you some nice photos of local birds:

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

An Easter Crisis and Spring Prep

OK big time easter problem and we need help to solve it! I was planning a egg hunt in the backyard but it looks like the yard will be mushy mud on Sunday. :( Hef's dad doesn't want it in the house as things may get broken so what are we going to do? I am tempted to just eat all the candy myself but I shouldn't. Any suggestions Easter Buns?

I, along with Hef and Hef's Dad are anticipating spring. (Shadow is part husky and seems to enjoy the snow quite a bit). Its not fun walking a dog in 28 degree snowing weather. Its just not and it doesn't get funnier when its April! Hef has been prepping for our spring garden and yard:

Yup gotta get the mower ready for spring (This is our cool riding mower which came with the house AWESOME!)

Alright, did the oil change, replaced the battery. Now to start her up!

Alright, Can I mow yet?

No, we can't mow yet cause its snowing!

P.S Shadow wanted it clarified that she is only a barker when she is alone and doesn't bark at Hef.

P.P.S Hef wanted everyone to know he does give Shadow a grunt and smack on the snout when he invades his cuddling time!

From Bartender to Site Supervisor

When we first moved into Buntryside the Bunny Lounge's Grotto (aka the jack and jill attached bath) looked like this, with the wall you can't see having floor to ceiling wallpaper that looked like paneling and a border around the whole room.

Under that wallpaper I found this hot pink wall. Not a good pink like the bunny lounge
So of course we had to paint! Here is Hef supervising his dad prepping the wall:

Then as Site Supervisor Hef checked the supplies
"Too much give, you can have it!" (I just realized Hef appeared to have gone on the counter, I don't remember that!) Then we checked out our paint color:
What do you guys think?

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Able to post again! WOO!

Here's Hef on our kitchen counter, next to our bunny cookie car (which is actually filled with lollipops and tootsie roll pops). He looks all snuggly, like "Oh, your gunna stand and keep look out? Ok, I'll relax". Ok so if you remember before we mentioned a SURPRISE! This is our surprise:

Her name is Shadow and she was adopted on 3/14/09. She has been hired as the bouncer of the bunny lounge. Shadow is a 4 1/2 year old Belgian Sheepdog/Siberian Husky mix.

This is a Belegian Sheepdog: This is a Siberian Husky:

And Shadow really does look like a mix of the two. Currently we are all in the bunny lounge, Hef is in his cage and Shadow is stretched out sleeping on the floor. Shadow has never made one agressive move toward Hef, just licks and sniffs. Of course they are never alone together, never ever!

Easter is in full swing here, bunnies everywhere (but that is kinda our decor anyhow). Hef likes our lawn bunnies:
Unfortunately there is SNOW!!! out there so I brought the lawn buns inside. Last week we watched Miss Potter and it was very cute! It was also a little sad but the drawings of Peter Rabbit and the others would come alive and move, so adorable! We have been going to the library weekly (more on this later) and this week we got Looney Tunes, The Easter Bunny is Coming to Town and Who Framed Roger Rabbit? Its bunmania week!
Its like 37 degrees out, I think Hef is gloating to Shadow that he gets to stay in the bunny lounge while Shadow and I have to dredge out there in the snow for our mile walk. Twice. It was spposed to be spring when I got Shadow, I'm not liking cold walks.
Ok I think I've truly rambled, an extra shot of the bunny lounge after all that time without.
Lastly we are reading everyones blogs to catch up. So far we have caught up with A Houseful of Rabbits and Adventures of a Wasically Wabbit, what fun!

Monday, April 6, 2009


Ok so we are being bad buns and piggybacking off some nice neighbor. Hef has his own room here at Buntryside. It is offically the bunny lounge with his "Beware of Attack Rabbit" sign on the door and a cool bunny doorknob cover. We've had a lot of fun so far, Hef loves the carpets but not the wood floors! Its nice it keeps Hef right where we can see him!
We are really really ready for Easter! We took Hef's annual Cadbury Bun pic. For easter we have 3 kinds of bunny cookies, a cream cheese spread with lots of veggies called bunny spread (we swear it was in a magazine) and a bunny cake! Terribly exciting, and yes of course I am going to decorate the cake in Hef's image. He is our star bun! I'd write more but I want to get a post up incase we lose internet!