Saturday, December 20, 2008

Learned to be prepared!

So Goldie's(Houseful of Rabbits) got feetie jammies huh? Everyone says dress for the weather, eh? Hef says why did someone have to tell my mom does he?
Ok so I am addicted to dressing up Hef. While I was packing I found this scarf and on to Hef it went. I can only show you this photo with the promise I wouldn't mail it out as my christmas card.

"So are we going sledding or what?"


bunnygirl said...

Aww...all ready for winter!

The Bunns said...

Well.. Hef, you have shown Baxter and Goldie a thing or two about being set for winter! And even going out and making tracks in the snow. Nope .. we did not do that .. you are sooo adventuresome.

Glad you are in and warm ... we are too! Brrr .. it looks awful out there now.

Anonymous said...

You look dashing in that scarf, Hef! And very well prepared for the cold, too!

Sam's mistress said...

Aw yeah, it's snuggle-down time!! Get those sweet ale taps flowing and shhhhhhh....... ***, non?

Furry festive scarf! Man, Sammy would never sit still for that. You're one very sophisticated bun fer sher!