Tuesday, December 30, 2008


We were supposed to close on the house today, but we did not! Some JERK at the loan office went on vacation before finishing up our mortgage so we are delayed and we don't know until when! We are waiting for the lawyer to call and tell us. They better hurry up because I am buying a lot of stuff and Hef wants to get his doe already! We are browsing the lists and checking the stores for someone nice.
On another bummer note, a lot of our bunny friends have lost some of their bunny friends, our thoughts and sympathies.


Anonymous said...

Ugh, how irresponsible! He/she better sort this out as soon as possible! How can anyone deny a bunny his doe?!

The Bunns said...

Oh My Gosh .. some body stiffed a rabbit??? Watch Out ... Hey, Hef ... call 1-800-the-bunns if you need some extra heat.