Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Everybody's Happy!

First Bandit wasn't happy and she did this, along with other distruction we have shown.
 So we didn't put her in the cage anymore, and this is a BIG cage. I asked Hef's Dad if Bandit had proved she can be trusted in their room now. He said she had, and I asked if we could sell her cage then, since it is so big and unnessacary, and he agreed. I put an ad on our local craiglist, explained the damage, had Hef's dad bend the wire back in place (Bandit pulled it out of place during her escapes) and cleaned it up. Almost immediately a lady answered back and I told her to call Hef's dad. She does fostering for dogs and she had a great dane mix puppy coming in and need a BIG cage. We gave her a discount on the cage since its for rescue, which we all believe in and everyone was happy.
"BYE CAGE! Don't come back!"

"Well I think I showed that cage who's boss!"

"I'm still here, don't yell at Mama, be happy!"

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

The Man in Demand

I think something is wrong with the comments section on our blog because yesterday we kept getting the same message, where's Hef? where's Hef? WHERE IN THE BUNNY BLAZES IS HEF? (Maybe exaggerating)
"Where is that guy?"

"Where did he go? He has an adoring public beating on his mother's door!"

"Where's Hef? He shouldn't keep people waiting!"

"Are you going through Hef withdrawl after one day? Have a cup of coffee!"
(Little plug for Hef's Dad's Company, BUY A HAT!)

"Oh? You were looking for me? Here I am! Did you bring treats?"

Monday, March 28, 2011

New Family Photos!

In what was a very long day and a very long story, Hef's dad and I bought glasses. Hef's dad hasn't worn glasses in ages and it's been about five years for me!
Oh he's just so cute!
 Also the pups just wanted to share how nicely they are getting along. Before this they were licking eachothers mouths and playing with their paws.
 Ok, ok and here I am with my glasses.
Not bad fo 25 right? lol!

Sunday, March 27, 2011


A VERY HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU! We love your work and your great presents!
"Happy Birthday!"

"But don't send more cause I don't want to pose!"

"OK, here's a birthday kiss, Auntie Shell!"
P.S. Joun the birthday fun at

Thursday, March 24, 2011


"Spring? Haven't seen it!"

"Nope not under here!"

"I don't know where it went Mama!"

"That's OK! It was fun while it lasted!"

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Just in Case

Since some people (SHELL!) won't be discouraged from rabbit stealing, I am installing a Bandit 2007 Guard. Also I want everyone to know that after a few breaking out of her cage and flipping it over incidents, Bandit is no longer staying in her cage when we aren't home or overnight!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Rabbit Stealing?!

There is a lot of talk around about Rabbit Stealing, and Hef doesn't want to be stole so he is taking preventive steps. We took some pictures so you can have the Hef experience without stealing the Hef.
So if you want to snuggle and watch some Netflix with  Hef here's how it looks.
 Or if you want to relax and snuggle...
And here is what the rest of the world looks like through Hef's ears 

"And this is my disapproving face, don't steal me!"

Saturday, March 19, 2011

It looks like...

It is starting to look like Spring is winding up to SPRING on us, finally! Yesterday it was 55 and sunny out. I took my NookColor outside to try reading in the sun, because your supposed to be able to. After an adjustment to the brightness level of the screen, I indeed was able to read in the sun! Hello Beach Reading! Of course Shadow and Bandit came with me.
 But for some reason Shadow always has to act like she is suffering torture, when I know she is enjoying herself.
"Woe is me! Poor Shadow! I have lay out in the sun and take a nap!"

Friday, March 18, 2011

Pups showing off

Shadow loves to talk when she is excited, which we learned is a Samoyed trait, and Bandit loves to steal, I happened to catch them one after the other showing off their special traits!
"Well I'm a little bunny, so I still win!"

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

St. Patrick's day is a great holiday! Ya know why? It's super easy to celebrate! Buy some Irish Beer, buy a head of cabbage and a Corned Beef Brisket from the store. If you really want to go fancy, add potatoes and carrots! Hef's dad doesn't like the potatoes and carrots so we don't always have them. I like to put the cabbage in the corned beef liquid while it rests to cook it but Hef's dad doesn't so I boil two pots of it! It's 8:30 in the morning and already I can't wait for the corned beef dinner!

Monday, March 14, 2011

Back in the Kitchen!

So I might be making a liar out of myself, and starting a new trend of mentioning products, and saying nice things about them. However a few of you were pleased I reviewed the Swiffer Wetjet because you were interested in them. Maybe I will venture forth as bunny blog product tester! Wouldn't that be a fun job? Tonight's product is Philadelphia's Cooking Creme. I used the Savory Garlic flavor and having just looked at the recipe again I was supposed to use the Italian and Herb flavor but oh well, it was still good. This recipe came straight from Kraft, owners of Phildelphia Cream Cheese. Here is the link to the recipe:'817'&subcategory=''
The only changes I made were fresh spinach, which I wilted, and I added red peppers strips for color. Its a good easy dish, but the pasta did get a little soft in the leftovers, maybe I overcooked my pasta in the first place. Hef's dad even liked the recipe so its a winner here! 

Sunday, March 13, 2011

The Swiffer WetJet

Normally, I don't talk about products or brand names that much. I usually say buy whatever brand of canned tomatoes you what, save money, whatever, but today is special. I bought a swiffer wetjet shortly after we adopted Shadow to do a quick cleanup of dirty pawprints on the floors. So we've had it almost two years now. Lately it has been rain rain rain, which leads to muddy muddy muddy paws, that leave prints on my floor. Bring on the Swiffer! The other day I ran out of the cleaning liquid, went to the store got batteries and wetjet cleaner, and went to fire it up. In case you aren't familiar with the wetjet, it is a stick with a flat mopping pad on the bottom, with jets over it to squirt out the liquid, bottles go into a holder on the stick, like putting a clip in a gun. Lock and load, bye bye muddy paws! Well I got as far as the entryway swiffered and it stopped squirting. I switch batteries, two squirts, dies again, I test the batteries on my camera, no problem. Let me tell you Hef's dad was not happy the floor weren't going to get clean. I was also disappointed since this ment more mopping in my future, bleck! I didn't mop last night since the backyard is still verging on being a swamp and this morning I solved my problem. Like I said the wetjet has special cleaner bottles that load into the swiffer and it sprays it out. I found an empty spray bottle and pryed the "special can work upside down" cap off the swiffer bottle, poured it in and proceed to spraay my floors and run the swiffer over it. A little silly? Yes, but I have no intentions of wasting a new bottle of cleaner or the ten remaining mop pads. Also these swiffer wetjets are like 20 bucks. So for "free" its a good fix, and I have put off actual mopping for another day!
"Hey dogs! Stop messing up the floors! I keep my paws a nice white, you could learn from me!"

Friday, March 11, 2011

Here's what I think of your stinkin' test!

So I will be the first to admit this was probably my fault. I probably didn't close the door to Bandit's cage all the way, probably. Bandit, the smartypaws she is figured that out and did not spend the day in her cage. Fortunately both dogs are kept in a bedroom with the door shut. Bandit didn't really destory anything. She chewed up a box to an old puzzle and oddly enough she chewed up the boxes to the dog dna tests. Hef's dad was very glad that we shut the door and Bandit was contained to one room of destruction. I felt bad for Shadow having to sit in her cage and watch Bandit do all the damage.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Bandit's test results!

Wow, wow, wow! Bandit's test results just came in. On one side Bandit is a purebred German Shepherd, on the other she has a great grandparent that was a mixed breed and one that was a Alaskan Malamute. Aren't you shocked? I sure am! So basically thats 75% german shepherd and the other 25% is a mix. Also the test says that the Alaskan Malamut is a small perscent that shouldn't really be used in ancestery calculations. Weird! I hope that makes sense! I dare say I am a litte disappointed Bandit isn't a purebreed German Shepherd, but she is really darn close! .

Monday, March 7, 2011

Shadow in the Snow

Shadow sure has a Samoyed personality and loves the snow! Check it out!