Thursday, July 30, 2009


I didn't expect this to be easy, Hef's not a butt shower. He likes his butt in a corner not out in the open. I don't blame him, Shadow the Dog walks up and starts sniffing with a snout as bis as Hef so he hides it away. However this is for Furrybutts and Hans and so we were determined!
"Can I fix you a drink while we're here?"

*wiggle wiggle wiggle*

"I'm tryin, I'm tryin" (Forgot to rotate this one oh well tilt your head please!)
"If you can't see my face, you won't know its me!" (Good plan but your the only bun in the house...)
There we go, I like this one the best! And one more...
Okay its not that furry of a butt, these are nice antique rabbits that belonged to my great grandmother and Hef's Dad has postioned them that way. Dirty man! I had to post it after Shell's funny bunny fart statue. That was a riot!

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Sending cool thoughts!

This was our rain last wednesday! Over the weekend we had tornado like weather and real tornados around the area. Yesterday we had a very hot day and today we are supposed to have thunderstorms! These "puddles" were from the rain shown above.

Here is the best shot Hef let me get of his toe, see how the one on the end sticks out funny? He broke it off now and is perfectly fine. Further inspecting Shadow the Dog's paw it looks like she broke a nail in her incidence as well.

Tomorrow the sun is supposed to shine maybe our morning rabbits will be back we haven't seen them in days! :(

Monday, July 27, 2009

Tornado Toesys!

On Friday night Hef was hopping around and Hef's Dad let Shadow the Dog out and chase insued. Hef hopped (quite quickly, i might add) onto the kitchen rug. I grabbed Shadow the Dog and Hef's Dad picked up Hef. No big deal. I put Shadow outside and let Hef go back to his hopping. A little while later I noticed a stain on my t-shirt. It looked like blood to me. So I scooped up Hoppin Hef and sure enough, Hef has busted a nail. He only bleed a teeny bit and it looks like a crack in the nail. Its close to the base so its hard to get a good picture. Any suggestions for treatment?

On Saturday we went on a staycation trip to Rochester and Waterloo. Our drive home was quite rough! We didn't know it at the time but the big rainstorm was really a big tornado in the area! Now this is the second tornado I have been in the car for! When I was ten my family went to Disneyworld and we were driving back from Florida to my grandparents house in North Carolina and I was sleeping. Its fun to wake up to "Oh Boy! You missed the hurricane!" What is the difference between a hurricane and a torndao? IDK!

On Sunday we were strolling around the Island with Shadow the Dog and wouldn't you know it Shadow goes and steps on a bee! We had just arrived at the new neighborhood to check it out. Of course we came straight home with our little pup. It is so sad to look at Shadow the Dog with her raised paw. Shadow the Dog seemed better today and didn't appear to limp at all on our walk today.

Heffy on the other hand has shown no signs of problems, he is still hopping all over the place. Hef's new favorite pasttime seems to be hopping onto his tile and sliding into the corner. I must get a video if it. He slids and spins around so his bun butt is in the corner.

The Bunny Lounge- Temporary Foot Resting Place

Friday, July 24, 2009

An Apple a Day

These have to be really healthy buns they eat our apples everyday!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Farewell Hans

As most of you bunners out there have heard, litte Hans of Furrybutts has passed away. I saw this last night and wasn't sure what to say then. Hans was admittedly on the top of my web bun favorites. As far as I know he was the only other Netherland Dwarf on our blog roll. I followed his struggle with his teeth very closely in case it ever happens to Hef. I was delighted when he got a buddy as I long to do so for Hef. Now I can't believe he is gone so soon and in such a odd way. Hef has been snuggled and cuddled intensly and given extra hugs. I learned a lot from Hans and his owner about bunny care and bunny bonding.I hope Han's mommy does not blame herself, death does not work that way. I hope Bailey can still feel the warm cuddles which is why I choose the picture I did. I hope Hans is somewhere where he has the best teeth in the world the best carrots and is doing the best binkies, we'll miss you!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

I'm up! I'm up!

Weekday mornings are not my favorite. I have to get up at 7:30am no matter what and make breakfeast and sandwiches for Hef's Dad to take to work. Every morning I am "nudged" awake or rudely awoken by the alarm clock. Hitting Snooze works for Hef's dad but not me. I just lie there angrily closing my eyes and trying to will my body to get that 10 minutes. Then I get up and check our backyard from the upstairs window. What for?

Well for bunnies of course! Often we find one or two buns having breakfeast under our apple tree. It appears to be a Doe and her kitten much to Hef's enjoyment.
Why do I feel compelled to check every morning no matter what? Well its not just a bad bunny picture taking obsession. It is because of this lady here:

Shadow the Dog will happily chase, but not catch, these rabbits until they are safe in their warren. I figure this is not how a bun wants to end its silflay. So while I make breakfeast and sandwiches I watch the rabbits, take photos and videos and wait for them to leave. Then Shadow the Dog is allowed out for her morning inspection of the property.

Monday, July 20, 2009


The Bunny Lounge has been upgraded and is high tech! We just purchased a nice new shiney laptop to make The Bunny Lounge faster and more mobile. Of course as it turned out when we got home we could only get internet in the same room as before. D'OH!
It is indeed faster and much more reliable then the desktop we have been using. It hasn't been through the Hef inspection yet but I hope to be able to upload more videos from now on!

Friday, July 17, 2009

Le J'Arden

Welcome to The Bunny Lounge's garden, located just below The Bunny Lounge, outside of course. Do you remember our little plants? Sadly I don't think our Banana Pepper plant is going to make it or produce anything. However our first stop is flourishing. It has little vine tendrils holding it up and flowers!
Oh I just think they are adorable! Little cucumber flowers! So cute!

LETTUCE! What bun wouldn't want Lettuce sprouts in their garden?

Heres our spry little tomater, its starting to get little flowers as well. They look like closed dandelions, odd.

Can you tell? These are Scallion/Green Onion sprouts, and some wandering grass. It's kinda hard to tell them apart right now so I can't weed.

Our strawboogie plant has been making strawberries and growing and flowering, but we haven't gotten to enjoy any fruit!

This is the evidence that SOMEBUNNYhas been eating our strawberries. It wasn't me and it wasn't Hef. My guess is those rowdy customers of his.

Here is our dill, basil, and parsley. Yes Hef has ate the parsley and the basil. We've also made some good food. Dill dip, Dill porkchops, Dill sauce for Tilapia, and Fresh Herb Burgers. YUM! These are Gladiolus, I still can't believe I got these bulbs at the dollar store! They should flower any day now. Hef's dad asked me the other day if they just looked like that all the

Now we've heard there is a garage sale close by so we are going to hop on over and try to beat the rain!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009


We started Hef's birthday off right with a few big leaves of fresh spinach. Unfortunately he didn't have a do to share it with! (Blame Hef's Dad, I really tried!)
Sadly the pictre of Hef's gifts didn't come out good. He got Peter's Rabbit Salad, a Nutty Stick Ball (with two walnuts instead because he's two!) and a Natural Ball (made of sisal). The Bunweiser you can kinda see is actually Hef's dads.

For the big finish we had Hef of July fireworks. These are not from the 4th we really had them on the 11th.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

The weekend at The Bunny Lounge PT.1

All around Grand Island there is a bike path, this is it. It is fairly close to The Bunny Lounge. Since our internet was down I decided to take Shadow the Dog for a walk up to the beach to walk around and take some pictures to share with you fine bunfolk. It wasn't nearly as cloudy as this looks, I believe it got up to about 83, probably our warmest day this crappy summer. There is a sign at the beach that says no pets or animals in the beach area. This sign really doesn't make a lot of sense to me. There is an area with lifeguards and swimmers and it is roped off. So does that mean dogs aren't allowed in just that part or the whole sandy area? I don't get it. Oh, and of course on our walk home Shadow found a snake on the edge of the bike path. "EWW!"
The next day we will be covering is Saturday. Know what Saturday was? HEF'S BIRTHDAY! And it had an explosive ending! Come back tomorrow to celebrate!

Monday, July 13, 2009

It wasn't a chewed wire this time...

But we did have techincal difficulties and could not get online all weekend and Hef didn't get a birthday post or any bun birthday wishes. We did take a lot of pictures and will show them to you soon!

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Red Tape is not tasty like Green Grass

Due to Terrorists and other sorts of jack@$$es I have to get a new driver's license if I want to go to Canada and to do that it requires a trip to the dmv. Also please bring your social security card birth certficate drivers license proof of residence two pieces of mail addressed to you in the last 90 days people who know you a brown rabbit cheesecake a red horse and a wide variety of other stuff. Fill out this form stand in that line and wait several weeks! I need mine by August 9th to go party! The extended family is taking a trip over the border for horseracing and slot machines (sadly not at the the playboy club and yes I did look into being a bunny dealer but Hef's dad wouldn't move!)

I love horses and slot machines! My current favorite slot is Poppit! based on the Pogo game because I love Pogo games! My current favorite race horse is the beauty right here. Chocolate Candy. Great name, owned by Jenny Craig, tee hee. I heard her say she named this horse Chocolate Candy because everybody needs a little chocolate candy once in a while. DARN RIGHT! We have horse races right near us but they stink! Its cart racing which I despise as it is dangerous. Get your buns on the horse!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Does maybe?

Ok not does, but a doe. I am really trying hard to persuade Hef's dad to get another rabbit for Mr. Hef. Who is named Hef and doesn't even have one girlfriend? It's sad! Hef asked his dad what he is getting for his birthday and Hef's Dad said "A six month old doe," well thats a bit more like it! I have been checking Petfiner and our local SPCA website for a suitable lady. I just discovered this cutie a moment ago:

A Polish Dwarf, not a Netherland but hey she sure is cute to me! Says she is 1 year and 3 months, a little older but I'll over look it. And she isn't even at the SPCA so all I have to do is get Hef's Dad to the pet store this weekend, which is so easy since obviously you would go to the pet store on Hef's birthday. Here's hopping!

Monday, July 6, 2009


Look out! In 5 days Hef hits the terrible twos! I think he is readin Boogey's old blogs for ideas!

Friday, July 3, 2009

Field Trip

Yesterday I went to our local aquarium in Niagara Falls. (Really, everyone make some point in your life to see the falls and bring your rabbits to the bunny lounge) I was accompainied by my sister and my nephew who is about 1 1/2. Honestly our aquarium isn't great. The big attraction is sea lions, california sea lions. They do a little show that hasn't change in my lifetime. It was announced that Julie today's performing sea lion just turned 23. Which is how old I am. The lady yesterday was very boring and unenthusastic so my nephew walked out on the show. When you first get there, you see outside 4 seals that are older then me seriously. There is a sign that says approximate birth date 1980. Then you go inside and you are hit with an extremly fishy smell! After you pay there are humboldt penguins. They always look diaseased

My favorite are the sharks. The best shark they have is a leopard shark. Of course so does this restaurant that I love, they don't charge admission and you can get a cocktail. When I was a teen a pet store near me had two leopard sharks for sale, babies, for 75 bucks each, man I wanted those.
The sharks at the aquarium are very hard to photograph because they are in a very dark tank. So you have to use a flash but then there is glass so you get a reflection. That lady who shows up was also trying to do the same as me, didn't work. I got a few nice pictures. I think this one could be used in a brouchere advertising the place.
I don't know how well this one shows up so small but you can see a horseshoe crab and a skate I think the other was, it wasn't a ray of any kind, our aquarium is not that cool. You know what else we have at our aquarium that makes it weird? This guy:
He's a freaking porcupine! Now I know he doesn't live under the see and he had a river in his exhibit which he clearly avoided at extremes. I also took a picture of this rock because I thought it looked like a bunny!

But i detest the things that are in there. Yuck! They are atoytl or something like that, prehistoric little darwin missing link things that look creepy. AHH! Yuck, creepy right? Even creepier behind it is an albino one! ACK!
So I recommend coming to see the falls and the bunny lounge when in the area but skip the aquarium. If you would like to see a nice aquarium I recommend the Georgia Aquarium in Atlanta which has a whale shark which is freaking huge! The Georgia Aquarium was featured on the Martha Stewart show. Georgia also has a nice zoo with Pandas. (Ok so I have an Uncle in Georgia and I've spent some vacations there does it show?) Also I recommend the Montery Bay Aquarium in California because they often have a Great White Shark which OMG I would love to see! I have to ask Bunnygirl about Houstons aquarium because I understand they have one where you can dine under the aquariums? We thought we might move to Houston before we bought Buntryside so I've done a bit of research on things to do. How about everybody else, any nice aquariums?