Saturday, November 1, 2008


(Hiya, it's Hef, I gotsta right for Mommy as she is too excited)

Somebody please clean out my play yard, change my litter pan, sweep the hay! Daddy likes evreything neat and clean so we are cleaning and I'm trying to be neat. I'll lick my foot, that'll help! Looks like all the bunners had happy halloweeners. We didn't have any treaters because we didn't have candies! Grandpa sleeps at that time anyhow, hey but so,etimes so do I.
Daddy started flying last night at 10:30 and he won't be done until 5:20pm today! I can understand, Daddy has small ears! Mommy is so excited she says she has butterflys in her stomach. Boy humans eat weird things! You know Mommy has taken me to the bunport to pick up Dad before, but she says not today! Daddy told Mommy he has a "thing" for her. Mommy says she hopes it is 2 shiny carrots. Mama better share if thats the case! Below is a picture of me and Daddy the first day I was adopted. I censored some of it, and I'm not eating my Daddy, he has hay on his chest. Isn't there a saying, it'll put hay on your chest? Daddy should do that more.


FrecklesandDeb said...

How exciting! Hope those carrots are really shiny!

furrybutts said...

Well well well?? Had Daddy arrived?? Did you get lots of stuff??

When Buttons first came to live with us, she bit her Dad on that 'censored' part :D maybe she thought she could drink from it, just like she did with her mummy when she was a tiny baby