Sunday, October 26, 2008

Hef's dad is A-OK

YAY! Got an email from Heffy's dad last night and he is safe and sound in his hotel in Tokyo. We got a picture of Hef from my facebook to share. Its a special one on Hef's dads workout bench. Hef says "You want me to lift what?" Hef had a wooden barbell that came with an apple treat. He ate the apple and kept the barbell for a long time, lifting it and such, but eventually it got chewed in half.
I forgot my medicine and my hairdryer at my house and have to drive like twenty minutes to get them. I am more upset about not having a hairdryer. Heffy is having a lot of fun. They have a dog here, a king charles cavalier spaniel, who will run in and jump on Hef's dads bed. Heffy will charge at him and chase him off the bed. We think he even bite him once. I took a video but it is on my camera which is in tokyo so stay tuned for that. Oh yes Hef made a cool discovery on line the other day but we'll share that tomorrow.

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