Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Ham, Bunnies and Beans

Uh yeah Hef's tall, really tall. Actually Hef is a wee bit bigger then the breed standard and his ears are a wee bit tall, looks like he got rejected by the Netherland Dwarf factory for too tall ears, lol.

Isn't it a nice ham? I started off with Alton Brown's City Ham recipe (

which I planned to follow to the letter as I love Good Eats. Hef's dad thinks I have a crush on Alton Brown, not the case. Well my ham was destined to be a little diffrent since I didn't have any bourbon in the house. Then when we were grocery shopping Hef's dad practically had a fit like a child when I wanted to buy the ginger snaps for the crust. He doesn't like ginger snaps, and won't even try! So I didn't have the ginger snap crust but thats ok its still really good. It was the first ham I ever cooked. Thanks Alton!

Today I am cooking my first ever Ham & Bean soup. I'm basically following the directions on the 16 bean mix, but first I took a can of chicken stock and the ham rinds that I peeled off from the other recipe and made a stock. So far it tastes pretty good, when I serve it to Hef's dad I'll take a picture for tomorrow's post.


bunnygirl said...

I love the picture of "tall" Hef!

Anonymous said...

Hans has too-tall ears too! His ears are 0.5in longer than they should be.. but yet they're not long enough for him to groom hee hee

The ham looks good! Hope Hef's dad liked it :)

Rabbits' Guy said...

TAll Heff is cool ...

16 bean soup with ham left overs ... one of our favorites too!