Friday, December 12, 2008

Hef is so on time out!

A certian little brown and white bunny decided to pee on my really nice black sweater that I spent the last of my birthday money on! Oh yeah and he peed on his Dad's bed. So he's on time out and banned from the blog today. Instead here is a picture of a cardinal I saw in my backyard.


bunnygirl said...

I hope the sweater was easily washed! Use Nature's Miracle to get out any residual odor.

Nice cardinal, btw!

FrecklesandDeb said...

We saw the title and thought, oh, oh, what did Hef do now??? Well, he's really got himself into hot water this time! Give him a hug from us when he comes out of time out!

Beautiful cardinal. We don't get them around here. Mainly sparrows and lots of robins.

The Bunns said...

Poor Hef. He is just a rabbit doing what a rabbit does!

That is a great picture.

Anonymous said...

Poor Heffie! He must be feeling very sorry now.. Hope you managed to rescue your sweater! And what a pretty cardinal!