Sunday, December 7, 2008

Uh wheres the bunnies?

Where are the actor bunnies?
Hellooooo Bunnies?
You know what was missing in bunnywhipped? THE BUNNIES! There was like 4 minutes of bunnies. However they had two good catchphrases, "Save a bunny Save your lovelife," and "You wouldn't be lonely if you adopted a bunny" Worst of all there was a grey bunny in the movie and not the ones that looked like Gus or Hans! VERY WEIRD!
On the other hand I am making a corned beef, which I have never even tried before! Hef's dad raves of it! Seems easy enough, instructions were on the package, Boil forever, remove meat add cabbage, boil, my kind of recipe! I just saw a funny interview with Dennis Leary on Rachel Ray and he was talking about Irish people and vegetables. He was saying how they boil them to death and that his gf made steamed vegetables for his family and his sister took her husbands and her kids veggies and went into their kitchen and boiled the vegetables. I'm sure I suck at explaining it so heres the video:
P.S Of course Hef will not be having any cabbage! I'll sneek him a carrot!


The Bunns said...

Probably self respecting bunns like Gus or Hans would not be in such trash!

Corned beef ... yes ... it is liked around here!

bunnygirl said...

I'm sorry the movie was unsatisfactory, but unless it was made by bunnies, what can you expect?

My mom used to make corned beef every St Patrick's day. Good stuff, even though it's not the sort of thing I would eat these days. And I'm sure Hef isn't disappointed about the cabbage. Bunnies don't like their veggies boiled.

Anonymous said...

Aww shucks.. we had so much hope for the movie! Won't be watching it now!