Monday, October 1, 2012


This morning Hef was not acting right and I rushed him off to our emergency vet. The vet didn't have much to say and gave Hef some antibiotics and referred us to a specialist if he didn't improve. I came home from work today and Hef was gone. My best guess is Hef had a stroke or something because he was shaky and very mellow.
I've been slacking on this blog, but this was more Hef's blog then anything and I don't think I will keep it up without him. Hef was five, and my baby boy. Good-bye my baby bun.

Snuggle bun


The King of Hearts, of course!

Don't touch my salad!

Mr. Playboy

Peek-a-boo Bun

Explorer Bun

"Mama, I love you so much!"

Good-bye Heffy