Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Exciting Pictures!

Once again Hef baffles me as to how this is a relaxing way to lay down "I love the feel of wires pressed into my skin?"
Here is our trashed tire. There is a big gash on the bottom left and a small gash bottom right and the whole thing is coming off the rim. We are arguing with the Trhuway Authority to have it paid.
Here it is! FINALLY! Our pool is open and ready for swimming. If you recall last summer Hef went swimming in his grandparents pool but I never got a video. Watch out for that, its coming!

We have been trying to get Shadow the Dog into the pool but she stands at the end and tries to walk down the ladder and can't figure it out. The water was a little lower then so maybe she can figure it out now. Of course our forecast for the week is RAIN and in the mid 60'S! AUGH! I feel like Charlie Brown.

Monday, June 29, 2009

Whoa slow down!

Ok first of all we've put a picture of Rabbit's Guy behind the bar with a statement about only giving him ten drinks if he brings all ten rabbits!
Secondly we were attacked again! This time in the car! We were driving home from Hef's Grandparents on the thruway looking out at the water and Canada and the Peace Bridge with Shadow the Dog in the back of the car. Suddenly we saw the minivan in front of us swerve and a fence post was coming at us! Hef's dad was driving and he swerved as much as he could without hitting the cement divider. Fortunately the post went down on the ground rolling at us instead of flying at us! We did hit it and the car was immediately driving funny and seeming really messed up. Hef's dad said "We gotta get home!" We didn't make it home so quickly. We had to stop with about 15 minutes left on our drive to change the flat tire. The old tire had two diffrent gashes in it. Poor Hef's Dad had to pull over onto the median by an exit and change the tire right there! Also we had a pressure washer and a pool pump in the trunk and he had to pull all that out. Poor Shadow the Dog layed in her travel kennel and whined the whole time because she didn't know where Hef's Dad went to! What a nice Saturday!
On Sunday we finally started getting the pool open and we are almost ready! We walked around in it last night but it wasn't full yet. It should be ready tonight!
My camera batteries are dead or we would have exciting pictures for you. Come back tomorrow for exciting pictures.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

We were ATTACKED!!!

On Thursday I was doing my workout at about 1 pm and it started to get really cloudy outside then it got so dark that I had to turn a lamp on to see better. I was in the living room which is attached to the dinig room and I heard the wind whistling through the windows. So I stopped my workout and got up to make sure they were closed tight and locked. I was about five feet from the window when we were attacked. The wind blew out our window! Broke the glass right out! Fortunately it wasn't shattered and there was no flying glass.I'm sure Hef was upstairs wondering what the heck we were doing.

"Oh great now there is a broken window below my bar. That looks great, real classy!"

We are lucky that we have a local hardware store and not just a Lowe's or Home Depot (which I do like for most things I am not anti-big box stores at all) because we were able to pop out the frame for the window and take it to the hardware store for some fixin. I suspect we were not the only ones with broken windows as there was a 4 day wait to get our window back. For now we just have a storm window and its not that attractive. Just head up to The Bunny Lounge have a drink and forget about it!

Thursday, June 25, 2009

If you say so....

I'm sure this is much more comfortable then it looks, if you say so Hef.
(Hef looks pinkish because of his new pink curtians, the ladies love um!)
Anyhow once again we had rabbit customers hopping around and one of them let me get pretty close check it out:
Also we took a late night dog walk with Shadow the Dog to cool off and I spotted a rabbit on a lawn across the street and Shadow the Dog didn't even notice. I pointed the bun out to Hef's Dad and he said I was really good at spotting rabbits. I said it was kinda a hobby. I really like to spot rabbits at garage sales for good prices which I am setting out to do again tomorrow! YAY! hef's grandma on my side is my accomplace tomorrow. Anyway back to the rabbits outside on the way back to our house Shadow did notice the rabbit and wanted to go chase. Not happening what with the leash and all! Tomorrow after garage sales we are off to the island beach. Shadow the Dog will be tagging along.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Too Hot

Its about 80 degrees right now. I just walked Shadow about a mile or so. We've been home for ten minutes and she is still panting and I am still sweating! Ick! If somebody doesn't open our pool soon I'm going to get very angry!

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Father's Day!

We are wishing a very very happy father's day to our adored Hef's dad! This is only his second Father's Day as a furry dad!

Hef and Shadow the Dog love their dad because....

He's a good Handyman (most of the time)He shares his food...He's a good teacher
Most of they love Hef's Dad for his snuggles!

Saturday, June 20, 2009


So Hef's dad moved our computer and desk out of the bunny lounge today. Okay so the internet is like a billion times better over here but there is no Hef ya know? And no tv! So I don't know if I like it or not.
P.S Of this Rolling Rock beer I think Hef is getting the tastier end of the deal!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Remember Hef?

"This is a blog about me remember?"
Hef gave me a big thump this morning to remind me that yes at its heart this blog is about Heffy! So here is a picture of him and some lettuce. I may have been neglecting to put up pictures of Hef but I sure haven't been neglecting Hef! The Bunny Lounge is looking its cleanest in a long time at Hef's Dad's insistance.
In other news the local news we watch has been moved to 11am for some weird reason. We usually don't watch the news because we watch all of The Today Show and they cover the big stuff. However there was a special news item today.

Last August a local Hat factory was broken into and they stole $66,000 in hats. Now they have caught these guys and recovered all the hats. Why does this matter to the bunny lounge? It just so happens that Hef's dad works for this hat company at their downtown office. It's a good day and maybe we can get more free hats now!

Otherwise its been rainy here and is supposed to be until at least Sunday. So I guess this means no pool?

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Oh yes we whoop it up!

Oh goodness are the rabbits whooping it up! First we saw a teeny bunny bun that was smaller then Hef but I didn't have my camera out. Then he came back but for such a short time I didn't get a shot. Then this two seen above hung out in the yard for a good long while. I took some videos and a lot of pics. They were hoppin all over the place!
It's grocery night and I'm getting a free personal pizza! YAY!
I have been tanning a lot lately and I am working on a Bunny Tan Tattoo but its hard to see it right now.
We watched Pulp Fiction last night. Hef's dad thought it was really funny. I thought it was very good but I don't think it was supposed to be funny.
A Happy Birthday to Tabitha, we are grilling romaine hearts tonight and serving carrottinis in her honor. We are also going to have a bonfire because it's only supposed to get down to 63 or so. All buns welcome!

Sunday, June 14, 2009


We (Hef & I) are very mad at Hef's dad! Yesterday on our shopping trip we saw a large bunny statue that was PINK! Hef's dad did not buy it! Hef thumped on his stomach twice last night. He is mad!

Friday, June 12, 2009

Size doesn't matter

Hef really doesn't care that Shadow the Dog is so much taller. Hef is always the one laying the smack down. Shadow the Dog is a big pushover, but don't ask her to roll over, she doesn't know how! I have tried to teach her but she doesn't like being on her back.
Last night we went to my favorite store ever (okay 2nd to the Coach Outlet Store) The Christmas Tree Shops! WHICH is not just Christmas and doesn't have Christmas stuff year round. Whilst at the Tree Shop we got new curtians for the bunny lounge which I am not allowed to hang up so I have to wait for Hef's dad to come home. We also got a curtian for Hef's grotto bathroom so I can stop flashing the neighborhood when I get out of the tub!
If you haven't been to Christmas Tree Shops GO! GO RIGHT NOW! Why? Because its the coolest. They have every freaking thing! For example they have a patio bar with two chairs for only 130 bucks, COOL! One time I got a coffee mug with a spitting image of Hef bunny on it! AWESOME! They also have food and Hef's Dad got olive oil on the cheap! Oh yeah and we got chip clips for a dollar and they are pink! Also we found a very nice set of silverware which we needed. We have been running out of forks pretty quickly and also the set we have is not balabce so you set it down on the plate and it flips off with a big CLUNK. Our new silver is lightweight and the spoons amuse me because they are soooo round and not ovaly like most spoons. Seems fancy to me! At first I was like, is this a serving spoon?
Tomorrow if the weather allows, which it should (fingers crossed knock on wood, rub bunny foot) we are going to the Six Flags around here. Hef's grandma got free season passes at work. SCORE! I will take my camera and find a bunny somewhere!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Oh what can happen when someone hands you a chocolate beer!

Hef's turn to write:

So Mommy brought me down last night to hang out and this is what I find. Daddy had already shredded the beer box, which is MY JOB! Mommy was downing a Saranac Brown Ale & Nestle Chocolate Chips and Shadow the Dog was bothering me. Daddy was painting things in the garage and suggested I be left to run around the garage. Thanks Dad I need to play with motor oil and lawn chemicals more! Mommy intervened and Daddy's like "Oh yeah, he might get under the car," Thanks for looking out for me Dad....

Anyway since Shadow the Dog is not as agile as I am he was blocked off from the garage area with the fireplace screen. I inspected Dad's work on the beer box and helped him finish the work. Then Mom did the funniest thing and I think its about time she did it!

HAHA! Shadow the Dog got dressed up and in Dad's stinky PJ shirt! It's not even ment for dogs or bunnies! Shadow the Dog just strolled around and lounged in it! Daddy made Mom take a lot of pictures because it had Daddy's work logo on it and now they are sending it around his office! Take that!

Monday, June 8, 2009

Garage Sale weekend Bonanza!

So on Friday Shadow the Dog and I headed out on our walk and SURPRISE!!! STREET SALE! Right there on our regular walk route, so I turned around and got my wallet. We got a goregous pair of Coach Flipflops for 1 freaking dollar! WOO! Really cute go with everything black ones with the black signature fabric yay!

Then on Saturday we went to this giant town wide garage sale in Lewiston and I got the deal of the century!

Thats right! I got a real Louis Vuitton purse for only 3 american dollars which actually came from Hef's dad! It's adorable and in perfect shape and came with the dust bag! I glanced at ebay to check out comparables and I was shocked! Some were listed at $400 and some as high as $1,000! So I am very tempted to sell it...

Also we got a Collector's Edition Playboy Millenium Edition magazine to decorate the bunny lounge. I should have taken a picture of that too.
Also I painted this bookcase! It used to be black now its pink as the walls and looks pretty good, yay!

I'm not sure if I will be around the next few days, our forecast is thunderstorms and that usually knocks out the internet. That's all for now!

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Growin and Buildin and Decoratin

I have planted three new plants. A tomato, a cucumber and a banana pepper!

Our other plants are doing great too! Our strawboogie has so many flowers I can't count them all! Our pansy plant got huge!
Also I am happy to report that half our remodeling efforts are done! I removed the girly not cool bunny loungey wallpaper border from the bunny lounge! YAY! Not manly! Not cool! My other project is still in the works as I am painting and building!Last night Hef's Dad called me into the bathroom tolook at a weird "bug". Fearing something out of FearFactor I cautiously looked. It was a tick! YUCK! So I had Hef's dad flush it and we moved on. Then Hef's dad was washing his car while Shadow the Dog enjoyed a knckle bone in the driveway while I groomed her and sadly I found a tick on her forehead. YUCKY! I really had to yank the thing to get it off Shadow the Dog. I bet that hurt. We inspected the rest of her body and put her in her crate. We then checked out Hef just to be safe and thankfully we found nothing on him! We then rushed and got flea and tick shampoo and gave Shadow the Dog a very intense bath. I'll be on the lookout from now on!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Don't Drink the Water

What you thought he was going to listen?

Monday, June 1, 2009

Under construction!

We are curently taking advantage of the rainy season to do some improvements to the real life bunny lounge, so our blogs will be on delay for a short while!