Monday, October 27, 2008

Am I going crazy?

I went to the Zoo yesterday, with my sister and my nephew, he is 1. The best part was a picture of a bunny. Our Zoo isn't great, its getting better. We just got this new rainforest exhibit, new otters and new sea lions. The sea lions were being inappropriate in a rabbity kind of way if you catch my dirft. I really liked the toucans. I also saw a big green anaconda! YUCK! I am terrified of snakes, but this one didn't bother me much. I always liked that anaconda movie, isn't that weird?

So am I going crazy? My Sister gave me this playpen yesterday. Its for Heffy. I started to set it up and got nervous someone would think I'm crazy and put it away. Then last night the little stiner bun started to pee on the bed and I caught him and hollered so he ran and peed! Now I have laundry to do with a strange washer and dryer. I don't feel like doing that and I didn't appreciate having to change sheets shortly before bed. Am I crazy to set up a play pen for a bunny? I think they call them play yards now btw. Hef's grandma says I need to trade my bunny in for a baby, but Hef's dad hasn't even proposed yet so I think I'll baby my bunny some more.


FrecklesandDeb said...

Hef is awfully cute in that pumpkin! Bet he'd really love the playpen won't know until you try. (Everybody thinks us bunny people are a little crazy anyway, so what's a few more stares?)

Rabbits' Guy said...

Crazy? Have a bunny. In the house? Crazy? BaWaHaHaHaHaHa ...

(try 10!)

bunnygirl said...

There's nothing at all crazy about using a playpen for a bunny, just like there's nothing wrong with the people I see using jog strollers for their dogs at the park.

Besides, bunnies are adorable, they don't puke, they don't scream, and they don't need a college education.

I love the trick-or-treat pic!

furrybutts said...

Give the play yard a try.. Hef may like it ;) Out of my 3 bunnies, only Hans likes soft stuff, like towels/blankets/beds. Buttons and Yohji will just rip those things apart.

My friends keep telling me to replace my bunnies with babies too. I say they're mad! Bunnygirl is so right, babies are a lot more work.. and you have to be there all the time.. don't think
I'm ready for motherhood yet. Bunnies will do just fine for now hee hee

BTW, cute pic of Hef!!