Friday, August 29, 2008

The big Apple

Hef's Dad and I may venture to the big apple. I told Hef and he showed me his apple toy. He had peed on it, I don't think he gets it. We are in the maybe last minute can't decide stage. I hope we go, but I will also miss Hef. Hef said find the BIG CARROT, then get back to him.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Gimme buns not kids

I have been babysitting since about 8am, kid is supposed to be here until 6pm, ten freaking hours. I want to sit with my bunny and stare at things. Bunnies are quiet and their poops are neat and they don't scream if they fall over, in fact the usually don't fall over. I would like to sip my coffee and know I can get up and go to the freaking bathroom without peaking out the door because someone might get into something they shouldn't. I don't have kids toys okay, I have wood chews and loofa butterfly chews, can a kid play with that, no! Bunny gives you a problem, in the cage you go, kid gives you a problem you gotta yell and deal with it. Kids have to be feed, bun'll just hope over and take care of it. I like my self-sufficent self-cleaning, once in a while you can hold me, i'll wear the outfir for two seconds bunny and even though i love my nephew he can go home because my back hurts (bunny is 4lbs kid is over 20 i'm sure, might as well have a flemish giant) I want a hot coffee not a lukewarm coffee and i want to take a nap your taking a nap kid, its my turn next ok?
p.s thats Hef's dad not me

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Monday, August 25, 2008

Back from the farm

We are back from the farm and I wish I would have taken Hef with us! They had a HUGE field of CLOVER and I would have loved to see Hef eat it! It was very interesting driving thru two hours of country roads, we're city buns. They only had cattle on the farm, and we saw a deer eating corn. We went on a hay ride, which I'm sure sounds very tasty to all the buns. I tried to get a big bale of hay to bring back but I didn't get any.
Hef is in trouble/time out since he bite me this morning. I was cleaning his litter pan this morning and when I went to put it back in I moved his morning treat and he bit my finger. So I took the treat away. As if smelling old bunny pee isn't bad enough?

Friday, August 22, 2008

Hef writes his first post by himself

My mommy tells me that four years ago today she first met daddy for their blind date. Mommy says that they did not wear blindfolds so I don't entirely understand. Mommy made this for Daddy yesterday, looks yummy, lucky Daddy! Mommy is very busy this weekend so i get to take over until Monday. Daddy is taking her to a nice dinner tonight and tomorrow they are going to a farm overnight for Daddy's family reunion. It must be a BIG farm because if my extended family got together it would be lot of buns!
Daddy said that I could not go to the farm, good ol' mommy asked right away! I guess its a long car ride and there may not be any litter boxes. I did this when I was younger and I think I will try it again! Mommy will be happy, she says there is a lot of hay on the farm!
Mommy is really busy today, trying on different shiny collars. Mommy usually lets me taste her clothes but not today, she says they are special. They look especially tasty to me! Mommy is packing up the other clothes I like to eat in one of these suitcases. At least Mommy won't be hungry on her trip.
P.S we hope everyone figured out that we changed our web address ok

Thursday, August 21, 2008


we changed our address to and this weekend is my 4 year anniversary with Hef's dad so hef will be taking over!

Bumble and Hef, and a bunny show

So Deb of Freckles and Deb thought Bumble could handle Hef, but the truth is she is scared of him. Hef weighs 4lbs and Bumble weighs 5lbs. She runs away from Hef, hisses at him and sits and stares at him from across the room. Bumble has killed mice and birds and rats and she even got a bat once, but she is scared of Hef, watch the video.

In my web surfing last night I discovered that a ARBA rabbit show is going to be near by. I've never been to a rabbit show and Hef isn't showable but I was curious to visit, meet some breeders that come to the area, things like that. I have been to cat shows and dog shows but I am nervous about going to a bunny show. I have no idea what its like or if visitors are welcome. Hef's dad and I have been debating about what kind of bunny doe would be a good girlfriend for Hef. Hef's dad wants a dwarf hotot or a bew netherland dwarf or a flemish giant. I don't even know if it would be safe for Hef to play with a flemish. That is something I will have to think over as well.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Look like Hef? I don't think so....

Hef's dad sent me this picture this morning saying that the bunny is Hef. Soooo not! I think they have a similar face and build but Hef is a chestnut and this is an orange bun. Otherwise pretty close I guess. Hef's Dad was like who is the cat? I don't think I have shown the bunny lounges cat yet, there she is! Thats Bumble, she is an almost 9 years old Persain. Kinda funny, the picture could be them as babies except bumble is so much older.

Monday, August 18, 2008

The bunny show is on!!!

Hef's calling it Ladies/Does night at the bunny lounge in honor of the super new episode of The Girls Next Door tonight. Of course there are the girls but best of all is Hef's namesake Mr. Hugh Hefner. Let me clarify that we are not trying to be pro "magazine" here but we love the show, thats it, we are crazy about the show and Hef (the man) is awesome and you can't help but like him! Hef the bunny was named Hef before I ever met him, I just figured that Hugh Hefner was the top bunny man so who better? Besides they have a great line of cute bunny merchandise!
So this new episode is about the girls and Hef being this House Bunny movie, which I will probably not see. The previews do not appeal to me at all. They make it seem like she lived in the mansion, which isn't accurate and your not a bunny unless you work the bunny club or bunny events so I don't like it already. Also I have seen in one preview where she says she is the first bunny to go to college, so not true. Here at the bunny lounge we don't go for the stereotypes. Also we are not movie theater fans at all. What do you mean the bunny can't come in? You don't have salads or bananas? Lets go home!

Sunday, August 17, 2008

This is all he did all day!

This all Hef's dad did all day! He wanted everyone to know how boring his dad was today! Hef's Dad aka Buhbee, got up at like 11am and was back asleep by 1pm! So it was a boring day around here because Hef's dad didn't get up again until 5pm, but Hef had fun exploring on the couch.
All the humans had a salad with our dinner so i scooped up the leftovers and took them to Hef. I came back 1/2 hour later and we all sat on the porch. Hef is pretty relaxed outside but tonight the neighbors dog was barking and Hef isn't down with that. Hef says carrotinis are 2 for 1 when the dogs are barking, helps take the edge off he says. Can you see Hef's bowtie? I had to get him one, okay its more of a bow then a bowtie but it was the best i could find. I have a cute photo of Hef posing like the playboy bunny. Thats another post though. Hef looks pretty disapproving doesn't he? He was on disapproving rabbits once but thats another story too. Its 8:30 which is Hef's bedtime (unless The Bunny Show, aka The Girls Next Door is on) so more tomorrow.
P.S. We saw an old post where people misunderstood Rabbits Guy about bunny wine and we want to share that there is bunny wine out there, check out we had the merlot and like it, i think it was about 8 dollars. I tried to close it like the package said, squeezing the air out and i got covered in wine so be careful if you try it!

Trying a video

Just trying a quick video post today(you know quick as in like half an hour), maybe more tonight, this is Hef outside yesterday.
P.S Hef wanted to show Carlton Jamal his card too. We tried to comment on his blog but I keep getting a failure notice :(

Saturday, August 16, 2008

House was a bust, but Hef and I are together!

That right there was the best thing about the house GRR! This wild bun was next door to the house we looked at. What a joke that house was. It was like 4 split levels and sooo dated and soooo dirty, yuck! AND the stupid realtor told us we could shot whatever we found in the overgrown backyard. So I right away said we have a bunny as a pet and will do no such thing! So he told me that he ment like woodchucks and such, well you know what dude? NOT GUNNA HAPPEN! Oh well the house hunt continues, at least afterward I got to visit the Hef!

Hef and I went out on the leash today. I had to
brush for about half an hour today, I don't know why he is shedding so much! We found a red ball outside the fence but Hef was not interested. He is such a cutie! Last night he gave me a scare and was doing the grunting dicing thing. Usually Hef is chill and you can do whatever so I was shocked. Everything was ok when Hef gave me about 5 licks on the nose! I took a video of Hef outside and I will try to add it tomorrow. If anyone has tips on reducing shedding please help us!
Big Honor! Rabbits' Guy commented on my new little blog! So flattered! Hef and I are going to chill and have a cold beer, heres one for all the buns sweating out the weather!

Friday, August 15, 2008

Busy at the Bunny Lounge!

This guy to the right is Woogie, the resident dwarf hamster at the Bunny Lounge. I had him out last night and discovered he is growing a tumor on his stomach! I have had Woogie since April 20th 2007. We used to have a lot of dwarf hamsters, six at once, before we got Hef and became the bunny lounge. Woogie seems to be walking fine and having a good time so I am not thinking of putting him down but I am preparing myself for the worst.
On the left we have the good news! Buhbee and I are looking at this house tonight! It is very big and would have room for a real bunny lounge! Best of all Hef and I would be together everyday! Today is Friday and that means I get to be with Hef so I will take some cool pictures of Hef tonight to share. Buhbee told me Hef had an exciting day yesterday. His cage door was left open and Buhbee's mom discovered it in the afternoon. Hef was a very good bun and stayed in, thank goodness, but what fun he must have had leaning out all day!

p.s look at me I figured out how to move pics were i want them! YAY!

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Here is the little Hef the day I brought him home, soooo tiny! I often think of the day I brought him home while Buhbee and I go to open houses. My mother didn't know Hef was coming at all! I had to meet a lady to sell her a dog crate and I went to the wrong place because I was so excited about my bunny! I had only seen pictures of his mom before I went to pick him up. It was so hot that day, really hot for September and my car didn't have air conditioning! I packed two frozen water bottles and set out. I went to petsmart and got a carrier for Hef and then went to walmart and petco got all sorts of bunny goodies and the cage in the picture. Hef has since outgrown that cage. So I drove about 25 minutes to get Hef in a black car with no air conditioning sweating like crazy. I drove past my turn and had to turn around in a car lot and go back.
The breeder I got Hef from is the nicest bunny lady I could ask for. She talked to me a lot before I got Hef and gave me a lot of tips on what to buy for him. She was so nice I brought her a bunny candle and a bunny toy for her baby. Then she brought out little Hef and I was sold! He was adorable as you can see. I set him up in the new carrier and put in the water bottles and we were off! I brought him home and showed him to my mother. She was not sold! So I covered immediately saying he was going to Hef's Dad's.
The picture there is Hef with his Dad for the first time ever! Buhbee just adores Hef and said he would take him home the next day when I could come over and set his home up properly. It was an exciting day!

First post!

I was inspired by A Houseful of Rabbits to start my own blog. I read every post they had and am truly addicted. I only have one bunny and he's not even in my house. My bunny is named Hef and he is a Netherland Dwarf. I am Hef's Mom. Hef lives with Hef's Dad aka Buhbee. I do not see Hef everyday but I love to talk about him and share stories and even Hef's Dad is sick of hearing about them so I sharing them here! Hef is about a month over 1 year old and soon we will be celebrating his 1 year anniversary with us. So thats who I am, a bunny obsessed mom who needs new people to listen to her story. This picture on the left is of Hef on his 1st birthday. I love his pose and face, "Do I play with my toy or wait for cake?"