Sunday, August 8, 2010

Wine Review

"Ok Mama I know your drunk if your holding me like this!" I am not Hef! Fussy little bunny! As we all know buns strongly suscribe to the 4 on the Floor motto. By the way Elvis the Mini-Rex has been renamed by my nephew as AlextheBunny. And a lot of you asked what the occassion was for our champagne and strawberries, but there wasn't one. We had just bought some at the store and I didn't want them to spoil so it was just a monday night at the bunny lounge. And thanks for the comments about Hef's dad, he is very lucky to be able to workout on his lunchbreak at the company gym and has a nice girlfriend (who should be his fiancee) to make him high protien meals.
While I was on my trip Hef's dad opened my Rabbit Ridge Cab Sauv without me! And he only saved me one glass (a little strong on the tannins!) so I told him he had to replace it. Off to the liquer store!
We also purchased a 2008 La Puerta Cabernet Sauvignion. This had a better balance of tannins and fruit, and I have a personalized wine glass so there!
This is a Barefoot Moscato. I am becoming a fan of some white wines after orginally ruling them all out. I tried a Moscato on my trip and wanted to share one with Hef's Dad. The only one I could find in the freakin liquer store was a Barefoot wines! Hef's dad of course, disliked it but I though it was refreshing and crisp. Sometimes red wine is just too heavy and you want something cool to sip with your meal, Moscato to the rescue!
Yes, this is an eggplant, not a wine. Tonight I am brazingly going to attempt to make eggplant parmesan. Why brazingly? Because its an italian dish and Hef's dad is italian and my italian dishes never go over well. In addition, Hef's parents are coming over tonight and they just might taste it too. Fortunately my America's Test Kitchen cookbook has the recipe, so I should be ok. I'll tell you about it tomorrow.


The Fab Furs said...

Perhaps Hef would like to have only pictures posted on the Internet that show off how suave and debonair he is.

If only Italians were allowed to make Italian dishes, the market in Italian products would crash and cause the economy to go even lower.

Good luck with the recipe and the visit!

bunnygirl said...

Be sure to salt the eggplant slices and let the bitterness seep out for about 30 min before cooking. I grew up hating eggplant because my stepmom didn't know to do that. Now I know, and my eggplant dishes come out just fine.

B L said...

I agree with bunnygirl about the eggplant; and then there is something you do with paper towels to remove the moisture. Good luck! Give them enough wine and they'll never notice!

Did you grow that sucker? Good luck!

bunnits said...

Wow! that is some eggplant. It almost rivals Hef's Dad without a shirt.

Definitely soak the eggplant in salt before cooking. The first time I ever cooked any, no one told me to do that. Yech.

Jade said...

Oh, poor Hef, the look of mild panic on his face is priceless. :)

Did not know the eggplant-in-salt bit, will have to remember that in the future since my brother and his fiancee have been giving us many veggies from their humongous garden.

Rabbits' Guy said...

Soak it in salt (lots) for about 6 days, have some wine, make some pasta, have some more wine, heat up some Ragu sauce, have some more wine .. put ragu on pasta, have yet more wine, throw away egg plant, eat pasta ... atsa Italiano!

Lisa said...

Poor Heffy, he looks disgruntled.

Yeah, Hef's Dad, where's the ring??

I too am trying to give whites a chance. I'm Italian, I grew up on red, and I don't love too much of anything sweet. But it's really hard to drink red in the heat of the summer. Your personalized wine glass is so pretty.

Jon has the same problem. I'm Italian, so I'm quite critical of any Italian food. And it's also both of our favorite, so he's really trying to hone his skills. I really only like eggplant if it's sliced very very thin and breaded. For what it's worth.

Michelle May said...

Hef looks a bit miffed.
Everything goes better with wine.