Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Quick Cooking Catchup

So I've gotten a little behind on posting my cooking photos, I make dinner almost every day but don't post about dinner everyday, so here's a quick catchup. If you need a recipe or have a question, email me at thebunnylounge@yahoo.com Onto the meals!
Chicken Parm! Hef's dad loves this, he is just as happy to just have Spaghetti Parm, and its easy and cheesy, a great weeknight dish!
Tapas Platter- This is what we call Tapas platter at The Bunny Lounge. I serve it almost every time the in-laws come over. I think it would be Italian Tapas instead of Spanish Tapas. We have bread and evoo (olive oil) with spices, water crackers with montery jack and extra sharp cheddar cheese, and olives from the little olive bar at the store.
Breakfeast Burrito- Have you noticed, I don't show breakfeast much? I don't really like eggs much and don't eat them much, During the week its yogurt and a bagel at work. But here we have scrambled eggs, bacon, shredded cheese, taco sauce and shredded cheese.
Hef's Dad's Breakfeast- 75% of the time this is Hef's dad's weekend breakfeast, usually he doesn't have bacon, too fatty for his taste but I had it for burritos above so there it is. Four Eggs scrambled and buttered toast.
Homemade Mint Mojitos- Handpicked fresh mint from the garden, white rum, lime juice, and tonic water (club soda is traditional but tonic is good!)
Breaded Baked Porkchops and Zucchini- I don't like to fry things, but baking works for me. Breaded in italian breadcrumbs, standard egg dip method. Zucchini was homegrown.
Please feel free to ask questions, ask for recipes, anything!


The Fab Furs said...

Hef's dad sure eats well. I'm not going to let the Fab Furs' dad see this or he might get ideas.

B L said...

Oh yum, Hef's Mom, you're back! Everything looked fabulous. I'm going to suggest Mr. F take a peek at how things work on Grand Island. How late in the day does it have to be before your have the mojito?

Rabbits' Guy said...


Michelle May said...

Everything looks wonderful. The Zucchini would be eaten all up by me!