Tuesday, August 17, 2010


So it's after work and I'm waiting for Hef's dad to pick me up. I haven't upload any new pictures lately so I'm digging into the archives. I'm wondering how everyone else blogs. Usually I get to work and have photos to upload. Then I let the best photos inspire my words. Sometimes I have a special idea and I have Hef pose for the photos. What does everyone else do?
And just for fun here's Shadow the Dog wearing a hat, haha!


bunnygirl said...

Hef looks startled in that picture. Maybe he's surprised you can't always think of things to say about him.

B L said...
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bunnits said...

That photo of Hef seems a likely inspiration for a post. He's a cutie.

Shadow looks like our Dixie, but she would be eating the hat instead of wearing it.

I'm not sure what inspires my blogging. Sometimes I have a definite idea in mind. At other times, I really never know what's going to happen.

Rabbits' Guy said...

With a full zoo here, I just take a few minutes now and then and shoot shoot shoot. Then I look at them, fix up the good ones, and save them by date and bunn-name. Usually by then I have a pretty good idea for a post for each photo - more or less.

Now excuse me - I need to clean cages, pick greens, bring in all the bunns, feed the cat, make salads, find something to eat, do the dishes, .... did somebody mention BL has flew the coop, split the scene, left for points East, GONE!

She'll be back - we here are just all too darn irresistable!

Jade said...

With me, it usually falls along the lines of either:

a. Anything going on here that would be of interest to my readers


b. I get a particular pic/video of Mickey that's worth sharing or lends itself to a blog entry.

I haven't done one of my "rabbit stuff" posts in a while, but I've got my hands full at the moment with the patient, so once I know he's got medical clearance, I can take pictures of all the neat stuff I've acquired lately.

I never noticed Hef's white stripe before, is it possible for him to be even more cute? :)

Michelle May said...

Now you know why I made a schedule. hee,hee,hee.
Love Shadow with the hat. Dogs are always so happy even when they are being dorky.

Tamsin said...

I'm not very organised so I have quite a few half written posts to remind me of things I want to blog about or need to take photos of. Then there are all the day to day things that bunnies do to inspire a post.. sometimes I write them straight away and sometimes I save the picture for when I have more time or sometimes I start a post to remind me to write it later.

Heart of a Cowgirl said...

I'm like you -- sometimes I look for a theme from pics in the bunny archives, other times I sit in the middle of bunnies and snap 50 pics, then pick out the best ones to post. They usually do not disappoint! I swear, they see the camera and start posing...