Thursday, August 12, 2010

Veggies again!

Ok first I have to do this. "Look out Auntie Shell! I is a squirrel! NOM! NOM!" Hef couldn't resist!
Step around the Squirrel/Rabbit hazard and follow me out to the garden. Two green peppers, which are on there way to be red peppers!
Another eggplant on its way! Hef's dad has already claimed it for more eggplant parm.
Our strawberry vine, partially ravaged by rabbits, or maybe something else but I prefer to assume rabbits.
Ok these tomatoes just might look larger then they really are. They are the cutest itty bittiest cherry tomato babies ever!
Beefsteak Tomaters on the way, now if I could grow a strip steak this way Hef's dad would definetly propose!
Lettuces! I don't know what kind! I gotta look it up! It was a seed mix of lettuces, weird.
ZUCCHINI! AHH! TOO MANY! There is another in the fridge and one more growing on the vine! BTW I measured the big one and its 11 inches! WOW!
Remember those other peppers? They will turn out like this, hopefully!

And beans! The longest one was at 6 1/2 inches, thats a big bean! Hef's dad has been crunching them raw, but tonight I just might boil them. By the way, anybody want a zucchini?


Lisa said...

I <3 zucchini.

Guess Hef's Dad really loved your eggplant parm, if he already wants more! congrats on pleasing the Italian! lol

Rabbits' Guy said...

I Luvs me some zuchinni - trade you a cat for one.

Carmen C. said...

Hef you are THE CUTEST squirrel I have ever seen, LOL!!!! We are so tired of zucchini we've been throwing them in the woods for the animals;)

B L said...

Yes, please send one of those hurken zukes out here to us. I'll slice it, bread it in Panko, and fry it in oil ... and then listen to the tiny sounds our arteries make.

Your garden is most impressive! Just think what you could do if you lived in the South of France.

The Fab Furs said...

You have mad gardening skills!

Next 1001 blog topics: zucchini recipes.

So are you going to put in nut trees for the squirrel?

bunnits said...

That garden's lookin good. We haven't had the time in several years to plant any veggies. This year we decided to try a few cucumber and tomato plants. The cukes are going crazy, but the tomatoes, not so much. We're waiting on the Better Boys to grow, grow, grow. I've usually done cherry tomatoes. Probably go back to those next year.

Jade said...

Heehee, Hef makes a fine squirrel--or at the very least, a squirrelly bun. :)

The garden-variety produce looks absolutely yummy, too. Hubby has been enjoying all the fruits (veggies?) of his labor as well; cherry tomato and cucumber salads every day for him.

Michelle May said...

Hef man is a most adorable squirrel. Hopefully he doesn't ever bite like one! hee,hee,hee.
Loooooooooove all the veggies! You know I do! You have a fantastic garden. I wish I could grow things.
xx, shell