Saturday, August 14, 2010

A day at the beach!

Easy way to get viewers shot of Hef's dad shirtless! And onward...
Hef's dad was set all week long, saturday morning beach. No negotiations. Well Saturday morning I wasn't up for it. See, because the beach also has a nice reception hall and every flippin Saturday there is some woman WHO ISN'T ME having wedding photos on the beach and a reception, never fails. So I didn't want to go, but we went. AND! Not only was a reception being set up but they were actually setting up a pergolia (sp? wood awning) and chairs for the ceremony on the lawn! Well we left before that, actually saw the bridal limo entering as we left.
Seagulls amuse me, they are such badasses! Oh yeah? You on the beach? Got Food? AWK! Last time we went to the beach one pooped on a ladies head, today this guy was checking peoples beach bags and tried to land on a beach umbrella.
After some beach time we had a hot dog cookout in the park area. Hef's dad always wants to look muscular in pictures so I intently took this one like this. And of course he asks "how do I look and I had to say, "Tiny!"
Best part of lunch? Beach Buns! (And if this wasn't already called the bunny lounge and i started my blog when we moved to the island I might have just callen it Beach Bun) There are two see? The one in the back was eating and when I got too close taking pictures he ran away with the leaf in his mouth haha!
Kinda looks like Hef huh? I think its a baby bun!
Mama bun I think....
It's me! Hef's mom at the beach! I am always the one behind the lens aren't I? So I asked Hef's Dad to take a pic of me.
We played catch with a football. I can throw but can't catch. I can throw good, I hit Hef's dad in the tummy and he threw the football in the trees, here he is looking for it. Haha.
And lastly yummy toasty hot dog buns and hot dogs.
Hope everyone had a nice sunny saturday too!


The Fab Furs said...

Nice bun shots. So,he voluntarily goes to a place where there are weddings on a regular basis? Hmmm... Chocolate website has a section under the Spring 2010 heading for their "Marriage a la Mode" Collection of chocolate bars that you might find interesting. Happy weekend.

Michelle May said...

Don't worry sweets, you'll have your beautiful wedding. Remember, if Hef's dad isn't careful I'll move you to NC where all these country boys will fight over you! ;)
Love the little beach bunnies. They are so cute!
xx, shell and sugie

bunnits said...

Nice shots of both of you. Boy, that dive into the trees looks like maybe some poison ivy could be hanging around there, though.

The beach bunnies--on a trip to Jekyll Island a few years ago, I saw SO MANY wild bunnies in the evenings out along the side of the road grazing and nibbling. It was like bunny heaven! Or maybe bunny hell. They were everywhere!

furrybutts said...

Ooh cute little bunnies!

P/S: That's a nice pic of you :)

Lisa said...

Beach sounds nice, and seagulls ARE pretty badass. They'll steal your lunch out of your mouth.

Bunny DOES look like Heffy!

Hef's Dad NO! Put some clothes on before you go in the woods or you're going to come out covered in ticks! And you are NOT getting lyme's disease before the wedding!!!