Friday, August 20, 2010

Almost the weekend! YAY!!

Maybe its the big black shepherd, maybe its excitement for the weekend but Hef is not much of a flopper bunny. This is usually about how relaxed he gets in the dining room. He loves stretching out in his cage and flops there, somehow the dining room doesn't have the same effect.
Anyhow we have a busy weekend ahead! On Saturday we are going to our county fair, its a biggie! They have a whole section of 4H rabbits, a great photo op! Then on Sunday it's time to CELEBRATE!
"Congratulations on 6 years together Mama and Daddy!"
Thanks Heffy! Cheers everyone, have a good weekend!


The Fab Furs said...

Hef prefers to let his hare down in private. Enjoy the fair and your anniversary!

bunnygirl said...

Hef is such a cutie. Kind of odd he doesn't flop, though. All my bunnies have liked to do bunny flops.

Lisa said...

What a handsome.

Wow, what an exciting weekend! Congratulations!!!!

Speaking of Big Black Shepherd, I saw a dog on my way to work today that looked EXACTLY like Shadow!!! I mean exactly. To the point of bizarre. Is Shadow a purebred? I guess if she is I guess that would explain it.

B L said...

Shall I write a column on the merits of marriage vs a lifetime surrounded by sweet, adorable furry little animals who love you unconditionally?

Jade said...

It's a security thing; rabbits don't flop unless they feel completely safe. Mickey flops far more in his cage than he does out of it.

Hef is just too cute, especially with his little back feet sticking out behind him like that.

Congrats on your anniversary! Now I understand why you've been wanting Hef's dad to propose. (C'mon, Hef's dad--what are you waiting for? Just go for it!) :)

B L said...

Jade, he's waiting for just the right alignment of the planets. It cannot be rushed. However ... the goddess is watching him, so one false move and he's dead meat. SHE is so unforgiving.

Rabbits' Guy said...

Hef can stretch out in our dining room anytime he wants!!

Boy, BL sure has lots of time for advice being so busy over there in Wenatchee!

Michelle May said...

Razzy was the king of floppers. Sugie not so much, but like Jade said, she doesn't always feel that safe.

Alright Hef's dad...remember, the country boys around here would scoop Hef's mom up in a heartbeat. Don't wait forever!