Monday, August 16, 2010

Hef's dad cooked again!

He actually cooked about a week ago and I never got around to posting it. He is making Biryani Chicken Curry. He did pretty well. I was watching MasterChef, my new favorite show, so I checked on him during commercials. I did have to stir the onions he was sauteeing because he had chicken on his hands. But mostly it was all him. Of course the recipe was on the jar so it wasn't that hard.
This was the curry we selected in the Indian aisle of the supermarket. Hef's dad doubled the recipe and that used up the whole jar. It was very close to indian curry at a restaurant but just slightly off. A little something was missing but we couldn't figure out what.

It's kind of hard to tell what is in the dish since the curry paste turns everything brown. There is chicken, tomatoes, basmati rice, onions and curry paste. I didn't do the cooking since I didn't feel like dealing with the rice and as it turned out the jar tells you to just throw the rice in, and it didn't need to be cooked seperately. I don't like spicy food but I tried it and it wasn't spicy hot at all. It was good, I think next time though Hef's dad is going to buy Hot Curry, look out taste buds!


B L said...

Oh my! He looks good and he cooks good. Just one more test to pass before you consider going forward with this man.

Plus he has to have a sense of humor as well as a sensitive side. And be supportive of who you want to be.

Trust me on this, Hef's Mom. There are some things BL knows for sure!

Jade said...

I LOVE basmati rice; I use it all the time. It's really good when you use chicken broth instead of water to cook it and add some chopped-up cooked chicken, onion and garlic (or even some Mrs. Dash seasoning) while you're cooking it.

bunnits said...

Good looking cook, there.

I believe you should listen to BL. Regardless of what RG thinks of her opinion of Kitty Boy, I believe she knows what she is talking about when speaking of human males.

bunnygirl said...

Dan and I love Indian food. We may give this a try!

WRT rice, do you have a rice cooker? I don't use a lot of rice, but it's great to be able to cook it so quickly and perfectly when I need it.

Rabbits' Guy said...

As a guy, let me say this. "Love that food!" It is WAY better than a can of beanie-weenies!

And gosh - doesn't BL describe good old me to a perfect "T"?

The human said...

I'm so excited that you got Masterchef - it's one of my favourites...except sometimes the shouty hosts Greg and John can get a bit loud and annoying! It really inspires me to try new foods! do you have the UK version or a US copy?

Michelle May said...

Looks great! If David cooks, it involves a package of hot dogs and the grill or a bowl, milk and cereal. Needless to say, I do all the cooking. Thank goodness he does the clean up though. It's a good trade.