Friday, August 27, 2010

Getting back to it, fair food, NOM!

So wednesday was crazy, Hef's dad was off and I worked 11-2 so I didn't sit around and have time to blog. Then yesterday I sat at work from 8-11 started at 11 and then my coworkers who were giving me a ride were sent home early because business was slow and so I was sent home with them. I worked an hour yesterday, haha! That's ok I went home walked Shadow the Dog and cleaned house. Now let's get back on track two days ago I promised fair food, here it is!
Oysters! YUM! Isn't that a funny fair food? But they had them and I love them, so does Hef's dad. They were delicious and no one got seafood poisioning so yum!  I think the vendor was drunk, his stand was attached to the beer gardens.
I also had fried mac & cheese. Mac & Cheese is probably my biggest weakness. I could eat it every day! I have had fried mac and cheese before and it was delicious! This was too greasy! But stil it was homemade, looked like a box of Kraft Mac & Cheese inside.
Ok and somehow the picture of Hef's Dad's pizza and fries got deleted, so here's an omlette! I made this for him on Sunday the morning after the fair so I'm throwing it in. It's a steamed broccolli and cheese omlette.
Flipped it over pretty well and sprinkled with cheese! I think Julia would be ok with it, but she'd probably dump a handful of parsley on it!
In other exciting news we have a wild bun! He has actually taken up residence under our shed. I can't say I blame him at all. See here is the shed and all that dirt is now our veggie garden! This wild bun has a prime lot on a veggie garden, I suppose thats like waterfront property to them? Hef's dad saw him twice yesterday and we had the flashlight and saw his little bun noise under the shed. I haven't gotten his picture yet, but I'll keep trying.


The Fab Furs said...

There's always something for everyone food-wise at the fair.

When winter comes, will your outdoor bun get his own greenhouse for his veggies?

Lisa said...

No seafood poisoning is a good thing. MMMMMM I LOVE fried mac n cheese!! Had it for the first time recently and it blew my mind. Your omlette looks great too. Ok lunchtime!

Rabbits' Guy said...

That is a fine omelette - I luvs me a pretty omlette!

Bunny - Garden - try plastic plants? Or maybe some of this cougar urine BL is researching! But save the bunny!

Oysters - Niagra Falls - kinda like - I dunno - just out of character? They are farmed here - right down the road even - pretty neat. Lots of people with waterfron buy the teeny babies and plant them and have their own harvest!

B L said...

Fried Mac & Cheese? Are you kidding me? How exactly do you make that?

You don't do Fried Twinkies, too, do you?

Paula Dean made Fried Lasagna, and I thought she was nuts ... considering one's arteries.

Gee, I wonder if RG would like fried Mac & Cheese? Maybe I should have 911 on speed-dial just in case.

The human said...

come out wild bunny! come out! You have an audience waiting to see you!

Silver said...

That bun will never come out.
You are wasting parsley on eggs.
He knows this.
He thinks you are hostiles.
You must stop wasting the parsley.