Monday, August 23, 2010

Shadow's "boyfriend"

On Friday my coworkers brought over their dog, Oliver, a 1 year old golden retriver. Oliver has come over once before to meet Shadow.
Shadow played it cool at first, didn't want to come on too strong to this younger man.
So Hef's dad played fetch with Oliver.
Shadow tried to join in but she doesn't fetch, not ever, not interested, doesn't do it.
Smart girl, that Shadow, let the man go get the toy!
Shadow does like Oliver a lot. She tries to wrestle with him and he just wants to play fetch! What a couple!


Lisa said...

Awww. Doggie friendships are the best! Maddie and our cousins' dog Lucy were adopted from the same adoption event on the same day. They are BEST friends. You can't say "Lucy" without Maddie going crazy. And heaven forbid my aunt or cousins comeover without Lucy. The only thing is, Lucy is a very high-energy dog, and Maddie is a very low-energy dog. So after they play, (and they play, wildly, for as long as you'll let them), Maddie sleeps for days.

The Fab Furs said...

It's OK for couples to have different interests. Maybe they could compromise and play with a tug-of-war toy, which she could then allow him to run away with and then she could chase him and wrestle him for it.

Carmen C. said...

Oliver is very handsome, I can see why Shadow would like him;) Sounds like they had fun!

bunnits said...

Lol! Happy dogs. Happy dogs.

Rabbits' Guy said...

I have known quite a few Oliver dogs lately. (Well, three now anyway.) Wonder where that came from?

Michelle May said...

It's always good to have friends with other interests. Makes you a more well rounded person...errr ;)
xx, shell and sugie