Monday, August 30, 2010

Shadow the Dog at Niagara Falls

Lucky us, Niagara Falls NY is just 15 minutes from home! Its in a lovely state park so dogs are welcome! Here they are Shadow the Dog and Hef's dad!
"That's a lot of water, Mama!" 
It sure is, Shadow! And a long way down!
See, its a pretty pretty park!
Shadow was unsure of the water at first, didn't like the mist at all! However since she is a black dog and it was about 86 degrees out, she gave in!
This is the Maid of the Mist on its way to the falls. For those not in the driving range of the falls, this is a fun ride if you visit on a hot day! It goes right up by the falls and you get soaked! Too fun! Brad Pitt and some of their million kids did it recently!
Hef's Dad and Shadow at the calmer river with a little hot tub looking falls.
Shadow drinks from the Niagara River!


Carmen C. said...

What a beautiful place! Shadow can tell Hef all about it when she gets home;)

B L said...

Wow! Impressive place! And Shadow Dog is such a good guide. We will have to visit there when we come to the Bunny Bash in 2011.

RG and Fab Furs are already on the Program Agenda. So ... I guess this is starting to take on a life of its own.

The Fab Furs said...

How nice to have such an iconic park so close! A great place for all on a hot day. I bet Shadow enjoys being out and about with her family.

Lisa said...

I'm jealous. Shadow the Dog gets to go to Niagara falls and I don't! I went when I was little but I hardly remember it. Love the little baby falls!

Rabbits' Guy said...

"Roll out the barrel.." ... oops - sorry. Shadow sure did enjoy that cool water.

bunnits said...

Beautiful! I'm jealous that my daughter got to go there for a college hockey game a couple of years ago and John has been there, but not I. :-(

@ RG: did you pull one of those barrel stunts? Hmm, BL better be checking KB's whereabouts.

Michelle May said...

I cannot wait to visit you there one day! Beautiful, just beautiful!