Thursday, August 19, 2010


OK I love love love Master Chef! I don't like that they moved it to wednesday because America's got Talent is on at the same time now and Hef's dad makes me flick back and forth! One of our UK friends asked if we were seeing a new American version or the UK version. It is a new american version with Gordon Ramsey and two other guys who's names I don't remember. Anyhow last night there were two episodes and the episodes make me think what would I cook if I was there? The big challenge in the first episode was to make a chinese dish with Mandarian Oranges. I personally was thinking a bok choy salad with chicken and mandarian orages, maybe make a Mandarian Orange Ginger vinagrette. but no one did that. There were a million stirfrys and the chefs got sick of it, I don't blame them. Then on the second episode the big challenge was to identify ingredients in Texas style Chili. OMG easy! I could name a bunch without even tasting it.
Alright anyhow I cooked last night as well. One thing I like to do is take a can o' something and make it better. Last night it was a can of Broccoli Cheese soup from Campbell's. Added some steamed broccoli and shredded cheddar. From this:
Preping, cheese and broccoli in the bottom
Add soup and stir, top with pretty cheese and broccoli
And it makes those delightful cheese strings from the spoon to the mystery glob of cheese under the soup surface. YUM!
Also Hef's dad decided to harvest lettuces while I was taking a nice bubble bath and I came downstairs to this on the counter:
After a VERY vigorus washing (dirt, no thanks!) Salad was made!
Oh yeah! The tomatoes and red pepper were from the garden as well. Our tomatoes are just starting to come into ripeness as we planted late. The biggest is a hybrid tomater, the next two smaller ones are beefsteak and then some cherry tomaters, delicious!
Lots more tomatoes to come! Get ready!


B L said...

Oh my! Very pretty salad, impressive produce, creative soup. I admire what you've been able to grow and harvest. RG is the very best grower of things, but he has an acre to work with. What you guys have done there, in limited space, is pretty amazing.

Am consulting charts; bubble bath is good. Press on!

Lisa said...

Well maybe you should be on Master Chef. Sounds like you're better than them.

Last night's dinner looks gooooddd

bunnits said...

I am definitely coming to your house to eat.

Rabbits' Guy said...

As they say around here - "'Ems 'Maters!" That is to distinguish them from 'Taters.