Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Fair Rabbits

There are a great many pictures of rabbits at the fair! I love rabbits, what can I say, but my rabbit fun was slighty dampened on! So before we get on with the rabbits and all I have to tell what happened. The rabbits are all in cages in a nice big open ended barn. So Hef's dad and I are going up and down the aisles pointing out different rabbits to eachother, and Hef's dad is being very sneaky and petting rabbits, and he likes to pick up their hay and have them crunch it. So Hef's dad is up by this little black Netherland Dwarf doe, and she's munching hay from Hef's dad and a lady comes up to use and says "exscuse me", uh oh! We think we are going to get in trouble for the hay, but no! She asks us if we are married, of course I have to say no. Then she asks if we are a couple, and we say yes and she tells us "what a beautiful couple we are and how nice we look togethe"r, well isn't that nice? (And I don't want to offend anyone here because this is where I got annoyed, but hey if you go for it thats your thing, and I'm not against it I'm just against the overzealousness some people have) so she goes and starts talking about the lord, hopes the lord blesses us, etc. I'm sorry but I find it annoying when a nice rabbit viewing turns into some religious chat/conversion/whatever. Ok anyhow on to what we are all here for, rabbits!!!
Here I am being a bad Hef's mom and petting a different rabbit!
This guy, I think he was a lionhead, cool coloring, huh?
Oh the beauty of a Blue Eye White, just goregous! Bet you'd like that huh Shell? Goes with your decorating?
Some bunnies just cracked me up to be in these positions wide open in a fair!
Best buns in the barn
Thanks for the hay, Hef's dad!
Either these are two very catty buns trashing the ribbon winners, or its bun love, either way had to take a pic!
This shot was for Hef, it's a nice grey Netherland Dwarf Doe, practically asleep!
Aerial bun shot! Those ears make me want to make airplane noises!
Ribbon is for Rabbit Dressing, what's rabbit dressing? Is it like ranch dressing, but more carrots? Or is it little outfits?
The fair can be tiring, stretch out and take a nap.
This ones going to win the hokey pokey contest, right foot in!
Funny ears!
Itty bitties! I love the last guy paws just out flat!
How about this adorableness? He reminded me a lot of baby Hef!
Yup, its not bad being a bitty bun at the fair.
Super small itty bitties!
Tired Mom of above super itty bitties
Lastly some more itty bitties, they were fluffy incase you can't tell. Hef;s dad liked that one brown one that is squashed in there the best! So thats the fair and the buns, tomorrow, fair food, yum!


The human said...

Too many cute bunnies on one page! Can't stand the cute-ness! I think I'm going to...


Hope Hef didn't get too jealous of you paying attention to all those other cute and fluffies!

bunnygirl said...

So many cute little fluffies! I could look at rabbits all day long.

Lisa said...

Ooooo looks like fun! Except the pushy eveangelical. I find that quite annoying, too. Respect other people's choices, people!

Little grey doe... for Hef?

Carmen C. said...

OMG *squeal* how adorable they all are!!! Some religious fanatics will find any reason at all to approach folks, we had one when my son was a baby come up and say "oh my, what a cute baby", uh-huh, we couldn't get away:( glad you were able to get on with the bunn viewing:D

Lavender Rabbit said...

Hi there! I have to agree with the religious bit, my hubby and I had someone come up and ask if he was a preacher. I was wearing a new dress at the time, and I swear I won't wear it again if it makes me look like a preacher's wife!

The bunnies are so cute! I love rubbing noses and sneaking hay when we go to the fair. Nose bonks to Hef!

Michelle May said...

Love all these pictures and yes, the white one with blue eyes...hello! Why didn't Hef's dad bring Hef a girlfriend????
xx, shell and sugie

bunnits said...

Oh, oh! With all those adorable bunnies around it would be like bunny lover heaven--no intended reference to the evangelical then.

I used to get targeted like that. It can be very annoying, especially when you tell someone you are happy with your own beliefs and they just keep on and keep on. What don't they understand about the term "freedom of religion?"

Silver said...


B L said...

Go back and get the mini-lop. In my humble opinion, after sharing my life with rabbits for eight years ... mini-lops are the most gentle.

Rule of thumb is the smaller the bun, the more feisty. Hef is obviously an exception. Adorable pix.

Ooh ... maybe strange evangelical lady was really the goddess in disguise planting a seed in Hef's Dad's mind. Or maybe she was just another one of "those" people.

Did I mention my daughter just got a divorce and it was the worst year in her life?

The Bunns said...

That first fair bunny - looks just like Baxter!

BL can't go to bunny shows alone. She always sneaks an empty cage in the car to take along - just in case!

I suppose that couple cares for their God like you do your bunny maybe? (Hey, wanna see my bunny pictures???)

Romeo said...

Oh my! What wonderful pictures!!!!! I so love bunnies...they rank right up there with cats. And that's saying a LOT!

I really enjoyed my visit and look forward to coming back for a visit!

"Her" and Romeo