Thursday, October 28, 2010

Pouty Bunny!

Yesterday I was minding my own business after work, checking out all your blogs, when my boss comes up to me and asks me to work today. So I say sure, why not? I didn't have real plans but ya know I did intend to do some things to Hef's room.
"Fine Mama, I'll just stay in here all day,"
Well, ok, I was also going to take Shadow and Bandit for a walk, but ya know its windy out and rainy so it probably wouldn't go for a walk anyhow.
"Yeah but Ma, now we are in our cages!"
Poor Doggies! Yes we crate train, mostly because Shadow has seperation anxiety, and we don't know what Bandit will do. Shadow never minds much, knows to go right in her cage when asked. Bandits more of a struggle but will walk in when you get her up to the cage.
"Aww Mama, we still love you!"
Also last night I got a book I ordered "Help for your Shy Dog", I am seeing some cues that Bandit is a bit of a shy dog, so I have some reading to do! Bandit is a very mild shy dog, she does not shake but she pins her ears back a lot. Also she will still crouch and cower sometimes. So time to read up and let the healing begin!


The Fab Furs said...

As long as you free the furs when you get home you probably won't get too many demerits. Some SPCAs, vets, PetSmarts,etc. offer classes for you and your dog to resolve training issues.

Carmen C. said...

LOL, I have that book, wish i would have known, you could have borrowed mine:) It is very helpful and a good read:) Such long, sad faces, specially Hef:(

Jade said...

Awwwwwwwwwwww, the sad bunny and puppy faces...:(

They sure know how to pile the guilt trip on, don't they?

Lisa said...

AWwwww Hef's pouty face is killing me lol. Pups don't look so happy either :-/ They'll forget once they're so happy you're home, though.

bunnits said...

Awwww. Poor Bun.

Great shots of the dogs. Bandit is a beauty. We crate trained our dogs. The vets really recommend it. Some folks criticize it, but with a chewing Lab like Dixie and a jumper like Bo, it saves lots of agony and the dogs just consider them their dens. When we say "Go home!" they head right for them. Most of the time.

Rabbits' Guy said...

A pancake and a couple big plates of that leftover Lasagna and those fellers will be luvin' ya up toot sweet again!

Michelle May said...

Dag! The whole family was pouting that you had to work.
Good luck with training. Makes me so sad that she crawls like that. Somebody must have really been mean to her. Bless her heart.
xx, shell

Kate said...

Hef looks so sad staying inside its rabbit hutch all day... Well it is a call of work so Hef sure understand just make sure you put every thing he needed in so avoid world war II (lol).