Monday, October 4, 2010

Monday Mornin', Talking Turkey

Good Monday Morning! Everyone got a cup of coffee or tea? It is 48 degrees right now and rainy! BLECK! So I've got a nice hot cup of French Roast with Hazelnut Creamer, yum!

I recently roasted a Turkey Breast (because when turkey breast is 99 cents a lb who can wait for Thanksgiving?). Lucky me found this box of 30 minute brine on sale for 3.99. It's Herbs de Provance flavor, they also had an ancho brine but I don't want a spicy turkey thank you. I love brining Turkey! It always makes the turkey juicy and delicious! I've never cooked a dry brined turkey. Alton Brown does a Good Eats episode about brining and it is popular on America's Test Kitchen too! So take this as a pre-hanksgiving tip, brine your turkey!
I especially love buying just the breast meat turkeys. Its a smaller size which is perfect for just Hef's Dad, Shadow, and I. Also we are not dark meat people so it's perfect. The only thing that wasn't perfect about my turkey was the cranberry sauce. Why? Because I didn't have any! I could have sworn that when I bought the Turkey I bought cranberry, so the next time I went shopping I thought about buying it but knew I must have bought it last time, I didn't! ARG! Hef's dad didn't care too much, but I was sad, I was craving some cranberry! Anyway we had Turkey Breast and Stuffing with Gravy. Still Delicious. If I had had cranberry sauce I was gonig to make a cranberry mayo to go on a leftover sandwich. Has anyone heard of leftover sandwiches? They are fun, basically its your turkey dinner slapped onto some bread. So my leftover sandwich was just turkey and stuffing with no cran-mayo, phooey. If you look on the internet some leftover sandwiches are crazy! They have stuffing and mashed potatoes and yams and the whole works!


FrecklesandDeb said...

Looks yummy! Great idea using the turkey breast -- easier to brine than finding a huge tank for the whole turkey! (America's Test Kitchen suggests using an ice chest for a whole turkey, but the breast would fit in the fridge.)

Hef's Mom said...

Haha! Alton Brown does that too and I've used Hef's dad's cooler to do a whole turkey a few times! For the breast I used the stock pot and put it in the fridge, so much easier if you only have to serve a few people!

The Fab Furs said...

Mmmm...turkey! The cats love white meat turkey! We humans generally wind up fighting over the drumsticks.

B L said...

Ok ... that does it! I'm brining our turkey this year. I only like the dark meat, but still, I'm sure it will taste better. One should also brine chickens, although who has time?

When do you go to Boston? RG is wondering when to watch for the BIG charge for the champagne.

Do drink carefully, though, because one time RG dropped lovely tennis bracelet into my champagne. Thank the goddess I didn't swallow it whole.

Rabbits' Guy said...

I did? SWEET!

Brined turkey - yay!

Missing the cranberries is a good thing. That way you MUST do another turkey dinner as the dry run before the REAL thing!

Dagwood Bumsted loves those sandwiches!

Michelle May said...

All I can think about is apple pie. My favorite part of Thanksgiving.
xx, shell