Sunday, October 31, 2010


I don't know why but Hef's dad isn't into Halloween much! So we don't decorate for it, we decorate for fall. We keep talking about carving our pumpkins and have not as yet done so. Instead we opted to be lazy buns eat a wine, cheese, and olives platter in front of the tv. If we end up carving our pumpkins then we are going to roast the seeds. AND Hef was kind enough to make this face! If that doesn't scare a bun owner I don't know what will!


Michelle May said...

I'll be right over for some wine, cheese and olives! My favorite!
Scary bunny face Hef Man. I still like your costume from last year!
xx, shell

RoadBunner said...

I think the face is totally cute. But I'm sure the disapproval when you put him down was epic.

And I never noticed the cartoon bunnies had pad paws before!

Lisa said...

Ohhh my goodness that face!!!! Snacks sound awesome. I pretty much forgot it was Halloween, we had no trick-or-treaters, and I was locked in doing homework all weekend!

Rabbits' Guy said...

BL just bought me a bag of the little trick-or-treat Snickers and I was a happy camper.

Grandaughter # (I forget) roasted pumpkin seeds the other day. Drenched them in soy sauce first. They were sooooooooo salty so she covered them with brown sugar. One or two were - OK. She roasted the pumpkin in hunks too - like a really bad squash!

bunnits said...

Now that is a scary face. Very effective.

Yum, roasted pumpkin seeds. Unfortunately, most of the time mine get a little overdone.

Roni said...

Well every Halloween we go out of town and visit our dead relative and out rabbit are left in their rabbit hutches with no choice.