Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Oeufs en Cocotte, aka yummy creamy buttery eggs

 Saturday for breakfeast Hef's dad and I were joking about Shirred Eggs. I had never made them but Hef's dad loves Eggs so once I read him all the different kinds of eggs/oeufs in Mastering the Art of French Cooking. So I said well, I really could make them! Hef's dad said ok, if you want to, we'll try them. I skimmed the recipe but it mentioned a shallow dish about 4 inch in diameter, I didn't have that and c ould come up with how to improvise that. I did just get new special ramekins and the very next recipe was Ouefs en Cocotte, Eggs baked in ramekins! I told Hef's dad change in plans, I believe he said something along the lines of just make something I'm hungry. To start as MtAoFC recipes often do, with butter and heavy whipping cream. Smear butter on your ramekins, add 1 tablespoon cream each. Set into frying pan that is oven safe and has some water in it. Heat up until whipping cream is warmed. All I did was keep poking my finger in it until the cream felt warmer and the butter started to melt.
So then you crack 1-2 eggs in each ramekin, Hef's dad suggested I even add another egg, but I was using medium eggs, so thats something one would ha ve to eyeball, and add ANOTHER tablespoon of heavy cream (it is MtAoFC after all) on top of the eggs. Then they bake in the oven, I think it was at 350 for about ten minutes until they are set but still jiggle a little because they will keep cooking a little bit in the ramekin, especially with Hef's dad since he takes his time coming to the table. Here they are out of the oven! I put the cute bunny ramekin on top of Hef's dad to keep it warm.
Here it is out of the oven! I am not much of an egg person as I have mentioned, but these were scrumptious! I also made toast to dip into the buttery creamy eggyness. Blogging about them makes me wish I could have some right now! Wendy's does not serve Oeufs en Cocotte though. They could, they really could, but they don't. Thats how simple Oeufs en Cocotte is, it could be fast food somehow. It only took me about ten-twelve minutes. Man what a hit these would be!


B L said...

Ah you're channeling Julia for sure! Lovely.

The human said...

Now I'm intrigued... I honestly never heard of a shirred egg before! Pray tell? I am in need of inspiration as our chickens are having a great laying fortnight! I'm tired of poached eggs for breakfast and ommelets for lunch!

Michelle May said...

Those sound fabulous! Ooo la la!

Lisa said...

Pitch the idea to Wendy's!