Saturday, October 2, 2010

Hef's dad cooked! Messed up big time, tee hee!

So not long ago Hef's dad made Sauce Tomat or Tomato Sauce ala Mastering the Art of French Cooking. He didn't remove the skin from the onions. Oh well we press on. We had so many tomatoes from the garden Hef's dad used those and some green peppers from the garden too. Hef's dad did not like Sauce Tomat because it was not think like classic pasta sauce, but we both very much liked the taste.
 See, Hef's dad did the cooking! Boy those cabinets look nice, remember when we painted those? WORTH IT!
 Here is Hef's dad diving into Spaghetti with Sauce Tomat and Mozzarella Cheese melted under the broiler and Garlic Bread, yum yum yum!
 Also! I made the meatballs! I hadn't made meatballs in almost a year, but armed with the absolutely always yummy America's Test Kitchen cookbook I tried again. What a hit! So yummy. Hef's dad loved them! Did I ever mention that Hef's Dad is italian? He is, and my meatballs never competed with his italian grandma's meatballs, until now! YAY! Funny enough the steam from these hot meatballs steamed up the camera lens, makes it very dreamy looking, haha!
 Oh and the other night Hef's dad made HOT Beef Curry, he bought a jar with a recipe on it, just like the other one I blogged about, Biryani Curry. I didn't take pictures this time. HEF'S DAD MESSED UP! Hef's dad has not discovered the art of reading the measurements for ingredients so he added THE WHOLE JAR of hot curry sauce! Now the can said 3-4 tablespoons, so after I pointed that out Hef's dad measured the car and it was about 20 tablespoons! 5 times as much, I couldn't eat more then one bite. Hef's dad ate about 1/2 of his plate, boy that packed a punch!


B L said...

Sounds like Hef's dad has a ways to go to even get close to competing with Hef's mom in the kitchen.

Meatballs and pasta with melted cheese looked OMG delicious!

I thought you were in Boston! When is it you are abandoning Hef and Shadow Dog?

Jade said...

My hubby does stuff like that every once in a while, only instead of not reading amounts, he doesn't exactly read the ingredients or the directions--I don't know how many times he's come home with tomato paste when he wanted tomato sauce or chopped tomatoes, or skipped a crucial step in the directions, like not heating his cooking oil too high when making fried chicken. Overall, he's a pretty good cook, but when he goofs, he really goofs! ;)

Rabbits' Guy said...

For gosh sakes, calm down. It's a guy thing. Measuring is for wimps and good cooks.

Left to ourselves we could live with a single pan!

Anonymous said...

Ooh those meatballs are making me hungry!

Michelle May said...

Hef's mom and dad may have their own cooking show one day!
Cabinets look fabulous!!! Totally worth painting them!
xx, shell

Kate said...

Hef is definitely lucky to have a cooking Dad... I think that is awesome. I am sure Hef prefer to stay at the kitchen kitchen rather than in the rabbit hutch smelling all those yummy food.