Thursday, October 21, 2010

In that "getting used to eachother" phase

First of all I can not get over how adorable the new dog is! Second, she still does not have a name. Hef's dad and I just can not agree! When we brought the new dog home we stopped at the convience store and I sat in the car with ND (new dog, not netherland dwarf, sorry Hef) and kept talking to her and ran out of stuff to say so I started reading the signs and when I said coffee she whined and turned and licked my face. I know BL will say Coffee should be her name and I like it but Hef's dad does not! Hef's dad wants to name her Dingo or Fido. We are considering Bandit, she has great egyptian eyeliner, so that kind of gave me that idea.
Shadow the Dog, to my surprise, has mostly ignored ND. Shadow the Dog was very interested when we brough ND home. ND has growled mildly at Shadow the Dog, mostly in a "this is my space" or "I wanna play!" way. They told us ND was probably three but she is a ball of energy for the most part so maybe she is younger. ND has a problem with our hardwood floors, she is very nervous about switching from carpet to floor or vice versa. We are wondering if maybe her problem at the shelter was the floors and not people shyness. When we are in the carpeted areas she is a bouncy happy pup. However on the floors she whines and moves slow and cautiously. We think ND may have been an outdoor or mostly outdoor dog. She finds things like turning on a lamp very interesting. Also when we go outside and come back in she looks to make sure she is supposed to come in.

"Hey about sharing that beer?"
Unfortunately I must admit we had one tussle between our pups. Hef's dad and I were watching TV and both dogs had settled in with rawhide bones. For some reason Shadow got up and left the room. When she came back she went to ND's bone and they had a scuffle over it. All of the sudden we had two dogs on hind legs, front paws on eachother, growling and bumping snouts! Hef's dad and I both started yelling "HEY! HEY!" and brave Hef's dad got up to seperate them. When we yelled they seperated and  I said to Hef's dad, "Get the bones. Get them out of here". Boy, we were scared! However with the removal of the rawhide bones no problems ensued.
Everything was fine, until Shadow approached the wrong bone...
Lucky me, I have a four day weekend and can help ND get settled quicker. We use crates for the dogs when we are not home so lucky dogs don't have to go in them for a long time!


Carmen C. said...

I'm sure she will love whatever name you settle on:) Our shepherd doesn't like hard floors either, hers stems from slipping and falling a few times so now I have area rugs down for her and she's fine with that;)

The Fab Furs said...

One of the dogs will likely become the dominant dog since they are pack animals. In the meantime, a squirt bottle filled with water might prove effective in breaking up spats. Good luck!

B L said...

Well I don't like Fido or Dingo, that's for sure. She needs a special name; she has travled; she has a happy look on her face; her eyes have seen things.

Perhaps a goddess or the dog of a goddess -- Diana Moll should know these things. Some lyrical mythical name that fits her size and facial expression.

Obviously her room needs to be carpeted. She what a communicator she is. Let's hope that was the reason for the crouching and crawling across the room; something simple like that.

How about Anastasia ... she was Russian ... but European nonetheless. Could call her Anna for short. Or Stazy.

Ok, enough BL! Good for you guys though!!!!!!!!!!!

Now I have a sad little story to tell you about a sweet bunny who needs a home ...

Lisa said...

Fido is a boy's name! She IS a pretty little lade :)

I think TFF is right. They're just trying to work out the dominance thing, Shadow is used to being the only puppers and now she has to share!!! And, I'm not sure what you know about ND's background, but maybe she didn't have treats, rawhides, toys at her last home, that would explain why she's defensive of them.

Sogna doesn't like wood floors either. They're slippery!

Jade said...

FIDO?! Bad Hef's dad, how totally unoriginal! Dingo isn't much better, especially for a girl.

Eyeliner says Egyptian to me, how about Cleo(patra) or Isis?

Possessiveness is often a problem with dogs who have suffered neglect or abuse; once they have something good, they're not so good about sharing. Spritzing them in the face with a water bottle or water gun to discourage negative behavior is a good idea.

Has ND met Hef yet?

Michelle May said...

Oh gosh that is so stressful. All will be ok though. It just takes time. Women...go figure. ;)
She's a sweetie though.
xx, shell

Fiona Bun said...

Since it's Hef's pad... We suggest:


Rabbits' Guy said...

Totally beyond me. I shall stay on the sidelines and watch!