Tuesday, October 19, 2010

How do they get along?

 Some people were curious and cautious about our new shepherd and Hef. Some asked how Shadow and Hef get along. I once read that rabbit droppings are like caviar to dogs and I said to Shadow your a lucky dog to have a caviar factory usptairs! When we decided (or I decided) that we would adopt a dog I knew some base rules. No terriers, no hunting dogs, nothing predisposed to hunting rabbits. No dogs that said they shouldn't be around cats. A nice calm dog, young but not a puppy. So we got Shadow a four and a half (at the time, now 6) shepherd mix. So mostly Shadow helps us herd Hef into his cage when he runs circles around it and won't go in. Shadow will go to Hef when Hef is downstairs and sniff him, checking out if he wants to play. If Shadow is being a pest Hef will grunt and smack her on the nose. For the most part Shadow lays down and watches. Last night Hef and I were sitting on the couch and Hef hopped down. Then Hef hopped back up, using Shadow's back as a step  up.
"Give me a lift, pal?"
"Thanks bud!"
So there are my furry kids so far. Hef has his own bedroom so we will shut the door for now. When we get a feel for our new dog and she is calm we will put her on a leash and take her upstairs. She will be leashed and we will gage her reaction from there. Shadow was so calm we had the both out the same day. Only once did Shadow put her paw on Hef and I pushed her off so hard it made Shadow stumble away, no problems since. Shadow will chase wild rabbits but not Hef. I swear Shadow knows Hef is a special rabbit and there is no messing around here.


Carmen C. said...

Sounds like you've got a good plan for the introductions:)Our shepherd "herds" our bunnies too but also chases the wild ones outside,they seem to know the difference between wild and family:)

bunnygirl said...

That's cool. I know some dogs understand the difference between friend rabbits and wild ones, and some dogs aren't interested in rabbits at all. I was just curious how Hef and Shadow interacted, with Shadow so big and all.

Lisa said...

Shepherds are great dogs. Definitely no terriers.