Sunday, October 12, 2008

Look what we got!

Hef and I whole heartdly endorse this product! We just got it yesterday and I am proud to say Hef only took one bite and has been chinning it and putting his paws on it. He laid down next to me while I read it and put his paws out. We're about 60 some pages in and they just published the second issue of Playboy. We encourage people to check it out and see its about more then naked ladies and that Hef helped change America and how we see things, including sex.
Of course we are also kind of sad because Hef has lost two of his girlfriends this week, but they are still living at the mansion? I dunno its weird. I don't like the look of these new girls Apparently they have a bit of a legal background and Hef doesn't need that.
My new laptop cord should be ordered Thursday, as soon as I get it daily updates will return.

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furrybutts said...

Hef sure knows a good product when he sees one ;)

Hef's in a christmas sweater?? How cute is that! Oh please post a pic of him wearing the sweater! :D