Friday, October 3, 2008

Talking Turkey.

Oh my goodness everybun, you must when making your turkey, brine it first. I made a turkey last night and this is not grandmas pour on the gravy turkey. Even Hef's dad loved it and he is mister picky. Tonight we are going out for Hef's grandma's (my mothers birthday) she is a twin, so its a double party. We are going to dinner and to bingo. I haven't gone to bingo in years. Hef refuses to go to bingo, he will not get dabber on his nice white paws and risk a bath.
Aww, nice white paws and a bowtie, what a handsome man. I want to thank everyone for their concern with my tainted candy. Hef's dad thinks I will be fine and I feel fine, but you never know. There haven't been any reported illnesses yet so thats good. Rabbits Guy was so sympatheic, let us know if you die..... Oh I feel the concern. I had a funny Hef story and I can't remember it.
Sadly I think the house I shared is out of the running. However we have three new prospects! We are going to see at least two of them tomorrow. Hef's Dad is really interested in one of them, ooooh I am ready to move, Hef says "Hop to it". Speaking of Hef's Dad he is sad because he is most likely going to be out of town for Halloween. I think Halloween in Japan would be AMAZING but he doesn't get it. I was a Bunny last year so I see why he doesn't want to go.


furrybutts said...

Cute bow tie! You're a very handsome bun, Hef :D

Halloween in Japan sounds like fun!! There should be lots of interesting people and costumes to see, especially in Harajuku!

FrecklesandDeb said...

Glad you're still alive!