Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Fun with Potatoes

Let's Eat!

If anyone saw my post this morning I decided to change it. I didn't really want to use my blog for that. Instead I found something fun to do today. It all started with out fridge being too crowded for a sack of potatoes and me being hungry. Cooking is something I love, trying something new, making something new, its almost as much fun as mixing cocktails. So I decided to make mashed potatoes and I started cubing the potatoes. Then it became obvious that I had way too many potatoes just to make mashed potatoes. Now I am also making two kinds of oven fries.
I tried to make the mashed potatoes with chicken broth like they say on the swanson commercials. I used two boullion cubes. It didn't work :( I tried one of the potatoes, they are yellowy but they don't taste and better. I think I needed more cubes of boullion, I will try again.
With my extra I am making glazed fries with a brown sugar glaze. Its something I usually do on carrots and Hef's dad loves it. I know this would work on Sweet Potato Fries but I am trying it on regular potatoes. Here is my glaze recipe.On the other potatoes (oh my goodness do they smell good) I did a tablespoon each of Montreal Steak Seasoning (by McCormack, I use this in everything, stew, burgers, meatloaf...) Roasted Garlic and Herb also by McCormack, and 1/2 tablespoon of garlic powder. They smell so good already. I am cooking both at 450 for 30 minutes, still 10 minutes to go so I'll let everyone know.


YowlYY said...

Hmmm... I love potatoes! I will try your recipe but will substitute the meat stock cubes with veggie ones :)
Good to see Hef as a housebun...hope the toe is well!
Nose and ear rubs all around :)

FrecklesandDeb said...

Yum! They sound delicious. Freckles will eat potatoes only if she can bite a hole in the bag and steal one for herself. If you give it to her, she won't eat it!