Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Got Lucky!

My mother, Hef's grandma left her laptop on this morning and left for work! We have quickly taken over to bring you the bunny lounge! It has been confirmed, Hef's daddy, is leaving on the 25th for a week to go to Tokyo and Hong Kong. Bright side? Hef is staying with me! WOO! A friend is working on getting me a power cord for my laptop. He bought one for my birthday but it broke quickly so he had to get a refund and it was some online thing, but I should have one soon. Here is an old picture of Hef with a Chicken Bacon Ranch Salad from McD's. He didn't eat it of course, I took some greens out before hand for him. Also in the picture is Hef's dads hand. Heres a funny story from this weekend. We had Hef's Bunweiser box out on the bed again. I took him to the bathroom and trimmed his nails. When Hef's dad picked up Hef to check his feet he fussed. So Hef's dad set him down and he flew into the bunweiser box and flew right off the bed in the box! It landed on the floor and Hef went under the bed. LOL, the weekend I leave my camera home!


FrecklesandDeb said...

Oh, my gosh -- a flying Hef! That must have been quite a sight. Bet Hef was a little surprised!

The Bunns said...

We would like to see that! Can Hef do it again and get it on YouTube???

furrybutts said...

LOL, that's funny!! Hef must have been all wide-eyed after that!