Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Of Easter Past

So Deb made it seem like she took Freckles to her blog convention. It reminded me of when I took Hef to easter brunch. Every year my grandmother takes everyone out to Easter brunch. (Well this year I hope to have a house in which to host it...) Last year was Hef's first easter. So I decided he shouldn't sit home in his cage all alone. I emailed the reception hall and they said he was welcome as long as he stayed in his carrier, as you see here. It was a lot of fun, some kids came over and pet him. Hef also got a lot of salad from the buffet and a few fruits. It was so much fun. Next year Hef wants to host the easter brunch right here at the bunny lounge. He is the only bun in the family and demands he be given the bunny holiday to be a host. Also I like to cook a lot and go all out for holidays so I'm with him.

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FrecklesandDeb said...

We bet Hef really enjoyed himself being the center of attention!