Sunday, March 28, 2010

This one's for Shell!

So we heard (ok Shell told us) that yesterday was her birthday, so I had a special dinner, not that it photgraphed well. So I'll just tell you about it. I guess it would be a veggie slaw burger. I made it with Boca Burgers and a bag of broccoli slaw, sauced with a mix of homemade Julia Child mayo, and cider vinegar. I also crumbled some blue cheese on top. So Shell if you don't eat cheese then just leave that out.
Hef's dad had the broccoli slaw, and had seconds! Also he grilled Tilapia Fillets on a plank. It just might be the last meal cooked on our hibachi/grill, as we keep leaving it out in the rain and its rusted through. Don't be sad, now Hef's dad wants to get one of the big barrel smoker types.


Michelle (Shell) May said...

I do eat cheese and the veggie burger is perfect! I would love that! Hef's dad can keep the grilled critter all for himself.

The Bunns said...

Pretty creative! What did you put on the fish??