Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Outlet Shopping!

So Audrey and I did what most women like to do on vacation, outlet shopping! As we have surely said we are very close to Niagara Falls, NY which has a very nice outlet mall. It includes my favorite store, The Coach Factory Outlet. Audrey and I selected a nice scarf then decided to have some fun and swap scarves! I would have taken pictures of our pretty mall but security frowns on that.
Also we scored a very pretty bunny knock off Sadek Lamp at the thrift store. It was marked as-is but I plugged it in and it worked right away. He doesn't have a permanent location right now. We didn't like the bulb it came with, an oversized candelabra bulb, so we tried this LED and it wasn't very warm. It matches the furniture in the living room but is traditional like the fireplace room so we'll see.
Ain't that a cute face?


bunnygirl said...

Audrey has a new scarf for spring! How sweet! Before long, she'll need a little bunny suitcase to take along on her travels.

Rabbits' Guy said...

Eat the ears first!!!!

About jogging - you have to "practice" more and longer! Just a bit more each time! Every other day! (Now - let us know when you do Boston!)

Michelle (Shell) May said...

No fair! You have real shopping!!!! Love your bunny lamp! Perfect!

RoadBunner said...

I love the bunny lamp! What a great find. Jealous.